Legendary weapons are purple-grade guns, the highest tier before Exotics. Every player in Destiny 2 carries at least 2 of them all the time, so should you!

However, unlocking process for these guns is problematic. Firstly, most of the good legendary weapons has a low chance of random drop during specific activities. Secondly, godrolls for these weapons are even more rare. Buy Legendary Weapons and you will be able to overcome those problems, save your free time and get a desired gun as quickly as possible.

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Any Legendary gun in the game available for quick unlock.
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    What is a Legendary Weapon?

    Legendary weapons are purple-grade guns, the highest tier before Exotics. They can have various versions, including Adept guns. You can find lots of Legendary weapons, like Pinnacle or Ritual guns. RNG drop weapons, black armory weapons, Sundial, and lot's of others also exist.

    Yet, best Legendary weapons with godrolls can require days of farming. And this is the main reason why players purchase Legendary Weapons boost.

    Legendary Weapons Boosting Services

    Almost every Legendary weapon available in the game is also available for boosting by Overgear.

    • Adept weapons boosting - we will unlock you adept guns that are much better then usual versions;
    • Grandmaster Nightfall weapons - each week brings two rare legendary weapons in rotation, and we will help you to get them;
    • Trials of Osiris weapons - our boosters will unlock you ToO weapons as quickly as possible. Profitable bundle is also available for purchasing.

    Additional options

    Most of the offered weapons can be unlocked with a desired amounts of godroll perks. Thanks to that, our Legendary weapons boosts are suitable for everyone.


    Requirements depend on the weapon you order and the activity where this gun can be unlocked. Check out a necessary offer to learn more.


    Where can I find legendary weapons in Destiny 2?

    One of the main sources is the vendor Banshee-44. Of course, it's not the only source. Lots of guns drop from raids like Vault of Glass, Last Wish, and others.

    What is the best legendary Destiny 2?

    Top-3 weapons are Reed's Regret, Fatebringer, and Succession. All of these weapons are very powerful and suit any type of gameplay!