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    Destiny 2 king's fall boosting service is one of the most popular PvE activities in Destiny 2. But King's Fall diamond in raid history of Destiny universe - it is a very complicated, tactically loaded 6-Guardian Raid which requires from fireteam knowledge of all mechanics and simultaneously kills tons of tough enemies and champions. Without king's fall raid boosting service, it is very time-consuming, and tough, but totally worth it. You will get tons of great loot with the craft after king's fall services, including a chance of getting a raid-specific exotic weapon - the Touch of Malice Scout Rifle.

    The problem is that you have to find a reliable team, as there is no matchmaking for Kings Fall. Overgear is ready to provide you with raid carry services done by a fire team of professional boosters. Buy KF Boost, complete any amount of runs you want, and get any reward you want.

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