This category contains content that was added to the game more than three months ago. It doesn't mean that are useless activities, weapons, and gear. The Campaigns contain unlock for new locations and new subclasses as well as completing campaigns themselves. Past Seasons content will be available and meta until Next DLC. Bungie 30th Anniversary offers you Master Dungeon with an Artificed Armor and much new gear. Witch Queen offers is for players who want to unlock gear From the Throne World.

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Destiny 2 Past Content FAQ

Will Destiny 2 ever bring back old content?

Yes, today from DCV was brought back Mars as a planet and the first Destiny Vanilla raid, we expect more content later.

What content has been removed from Destiny 2?

Half of the game's content was removed from the game and placed into what Bungie calls the Destiny Content Vault (DCV), which also includes all content from the original Destiny. The content that was removed from the game includes Destiny 2's original base campaign, The Red War (which was replaced by a new player quest), the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions, and the content of Year Two's Annual Pass (with the small exception of Gambit Prime from Joker's Wild, which was slightly tweaked and replaced the three-round Gambit and also renamed as Gambit). Also been removed Forsaken Campaign and Tangled Shore Location. Bungie plans to cycle content in and out of the DCV, updating older areas as necessary.

How do you unlock previous season content in Destiny 2?

To unlock rewards you missed last season, just visit Destiny 2 Companion App, log in to your bungie.net account, and scroll through the menu to see and claim your rewards. The Seasons Rewards Menu is available by clicking on your profile icon, season progress, and then selecting the previous season.

Can you still play old expansions in Destiny 2?

You won't be locked out of older activities like raids or dungeons from previous expansions and you'll have access to the Shadowkeep and Beyond Light campaigns. You'll also have access to a new subclass in Beyond Light as well as various Exotic quests that will net you Exotic weapons.