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    Trials of Osiris is an endgame PvP activity, featuring high-stakes elimination matches leading to loot. This is one of the best sources of high-stat armor, powerful weapons, and colorful cosmetics!

    Overgear guarantees professional experienced boosters who play without cheats, incredibly fast order start time and low prices!

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      Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Carry Service

      What are Trials of Osiris

      Trials of Osiris provide a special challenge for the Guardians who like PvP. It is played in a competitive mode with the same rules, BUT. Trials have the scaling from Power Level. So you need to have as much power as possible to deal with damage in Trials. Actually, you’re looking for the Pinnacle cap of this season. But the Hard Cap is quite okay too!

      Why should you even try Trials carry? This is simple. Trials of Osiris Carry are now the only way to get a real new set of armor (not just a recolored version of previous content) that rolls with higher stats. And Trials provide you with the best choice of nice-archetype weapons, especially the hand cannon called Igneous Hammer.

      Trials of Osiris Carry Service

      Overgear provides the full list of Trials carry services:

      • Trials of Osiris Flawless Passage — the 7-0 completion of your Trials passage without any losses. This service will unlock the Lighthouse for you and provide the Adept version of the Trials weapon;
      • Trials Flawless Title — completion of all Trials achievements for the seasonal Flawless title. Show everyone that you are the PRO;
      • Trials of Osiris armor set — you will receive the full armor set from Trials;
      • Trials of Osiris Self-play - a perfect choice for players who want to play together with PvP professionals.

      Trials of Osiris Rewards

      • Atavistic Idol armor set for each class;
      • Forgiveness Sidearm;
      • The Inquisitor Shotgun;
      • Exalted Truth Hand Cannon;
      • Whistler's Whim Bow;
      • Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle;
      • Unwavering Duty Machine Gun.

      Additional Trials boosting options

      Choose 3x amount of Flawless runs to get even more rewards for the trials carry.

      If you don’t have enough Power to play Trials, you can also get your Pinnacle cap with our Powerleveling service.

      Trials of Osiris Paid Services Details

      Destiny 2 Trials carry service is quite simple, but hard at the same moment. You need not to win the matches, but to get zero losses to keep your passage Flawless! If you get a single loss in your ticket, you should restart it for the Flawless 7-0 completion.

      But our players are different. How about the Unbroken Title on every account? Or the Flawless Title since the first Trials event? Yeah, these guys can carry you through the hardest opponents without any challenge. 3.0+ K/D per match, you know. And they can coach you a little during the self-play session of Trials Flawless carry!

      Most of our Trials of Osiris Carries can be performed in two modes: Piloted and Self-play.

      The Piloted mode can be performed in different ETAs: if you want to get the results as quickly as possible, order a Super Express option. If there is no need to hurry, save your money and get a Normal execution.

      Self-play method of boosting in Trials of Osiris boost is the safest we can offer. You will never get any type of penalty from the devs for choosing self-play services, as it is impossible to track such types of activities.

      Trials of Osiris Boosting FAQ

      Can you leave the rewards for me?

      All the rewards that will drop during Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris carry will be saved for you in the inventory or at the postmaster. Don’t forget to check it!

      Do I need any specific weapons or armor?

      No, you can use everything you are comfortable with. If you chose the piloted mode, the booster will use one of your guns, or get some good rare weapons from the collection.