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    Ghosts of the Deep Boosting Services

    Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Boosting Service is one of the most popular PvE activities in Destiny 2. This Dungeon is a complicated, tactically loaded 3-Guardian activity with strong enemies, lots of challenges, puzzles, and the most valuable loot.

    Completing the dungeon is very difficult and can take lots of time. But not with our Ghosts of the Deep dungeon boosting. We can find you a reliable team, complete Ghosts of the Deep carry services on any difficulty, and help you get any weapon or Armor from this dungeon, including dungeon exotic weapon - The Navigator Trace Rifle.

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      Ghosts of the Deep FAQ

      What is Ghosts of the Deep in Destiny 2?

      Ghosts of the Deep is part of the Lightfall expansion and the 21th season of Destiny 2, Season of the Deep. It’s a 3-person dungeon taking place at the New Pacific Arcology, Titan. In it, the Guardians learn that the Hive plans to revive Oryx, the Taken King, whose body remains slumber in the depths of the Titan’s ocean, falling there after the God-King’s defeat during the events of the King’s Fall raid. Naturally, our mission is to stop the Hive before they manage to do it.

      The dungeon has only 3 major encounters, as well as several underwater sections to go along with the marine theme of the Season of the Deep. The only important thing to remember about them is that air bubbles don’t account for the number of the players, so you should pop them together with your teammates to make sure that no one drowns. The bubbles have a small AOE so as long as everyone is standing nearby, it doesn't matter who actually popped the bubble. The dungeon offers a new set of Legendary weapons, a new Exotic weapon, a set of hive-themed armor, a pair of emblems and an appropriately themed Recalcitrant Host Sparrow.

      What is Ghosts of the Deep Recommended Light Level?

      It’s recommended to have the 1790 Power Level for the base dungeon and 1840 for Master. None of the bosses seem to have a timer, so you should be relatively safe entering the dungeon with the minimum requirements.

      Is Ghosts of the Deep Free in Destiny 2?

      A shame, but no. Even owning the base version of the Lightfall expansion isn’t going to cut it, since it’s not part of the seasonal content. Anyone wishing to play this dungeon must either own the Deluxe Edition of the Lightfall or buy a Lightfall Dungeon Key.

      How to Start Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon?

      If you’re doing the dungeon for the first time, go and pick up the Rise quest from Hawthorne in the Tower. Once that is done, open up the Director and click H.E.L.M. — you’ll see the icon for the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon on the left side of the map. Just click on the icon and you’ll jump right into the dungeon! Note that you must own Lightfall Deluxe Edition or a Lightfall Dungeon Key in order to unlock this dungeon in the first place.

      Can Ghosts of the Deep be Soloed in Destiny 2?

      Ghosts of the Deep dungeon can be soloed, but the process can be extremely tedious. While the bosses don’t have wipe abilities, they’re extremely tanky. At the moment of writing, clearing a dungeon solo can take players more than an hour, with most of the time spent just repeating the laborious process of opening up the bosses to the damage over and over again. The dungeon also features a pretty high amount of enemies, which can really throw you off and lead to early death when they’re all focused on you. This is why, unless you’re specifically looking for a solo challenge, it’s strongly recommended to enter the dungeon with a team.

      What is Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Best Gear?

      Unsurprisingly, Navigator, the Exotic Trace Rifle, is the most esteemed reward in the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon. It’s a rather unique one as well, being more of a support weapon, which you can use to give Woven Mail to you and your allies or to debuff the enemy. Its catalyst also allows you to create a grappling hook anywhere you wish, including PvP, with a 30 second cooldown. All of these abilities already make the Navigator a great utility weapon, but its positives don’t end there, as it also has some great synergy with other Strand gear. While not Meta-changing, Navigator is a very fun and useful Exotic to use, as well as opening up some really powerful gear/perk combinations for the Strand sub-classes.

      Who is Ghosts of the Deep Last Boss?

      Simmumah ur-Nokru, Lucent Necromancer is the last boss you’d be facing in the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. The boss himself doesn’t have that many special abilities, he mostly teleports around the arena and shoots at the players with a barrage of fast moving projectiles. However, the boss is invulnerable to damage at the beginning of the encounter and most of your work will go towards taking off this invulnerability. The process is rather obscure and complicated, to the point that we can’t even put it in just two words. But unless you prefer to crack the boss mechanics yourself, it’s strongly advised to be well acquainted with the boss mechanics beforehand, as well as have a party that knows what to do — wrong actions at this phase can result in death.

      It’s also important to remember that the boss has a ghost, which has to be crushed to defeat the Simmumah for good. Otherwise, he will come back and you’ll have to repeat the battle all over again.

      Ghosts of the Deep Carry Services

      Here’s some examples of things we can help you with:

      • Ghosts of the Deep — a baseline dungeon boost to help you complete the instance or farm it for as many times as you need!
      • Master Ghosts of the Deep — we’ll help you complete the dungeon on Master difficulty and get all the exclusive rewards locked behind it.
      • The Navigator — we’ll help you add to your arsenal this unique Exotic Strand Trace Rifle with lots of support utilities. Whether you want to debuff an enemy, protect your allies or get to a more advantageous position, The Navigator got you covered! We can help you get the catalyst for it as well.
      • Weapon Leveling — not only will we help you get any weapon you want, we can also help level them up so that you can use them at their prime condition without any need for boring grind!
      • Armor Sets — we’ll farm the dungeon for as long as we need to help you get the full set of this mesmerizing iridescent "Hive Knight" armor! These Lucent Hive-inspired armor pieces are an absolute must-have for all the fans of the Destiny 2 fashion game.
      Ghosts of the Deep Boss List

      There’s a total of 3 encounters in this dungeon and only the latter two have a boss. There’s also a secret boss that you’ll encounter on your way to get the catalyst for the Navigator:

      • First Encounter: Hive Ritual;
      • Second Encounter: Ecthar, the Shield of Savathûn (First Boss);
      • Third Encounter: Simmumah ur-Nokru (Final Boss);
      • Secret Encounter: Thul-Ar, Acolyte of Nokris (Secret Boss).
      Ghosts of the Deep Weapons

      Take a look at all the weapons you can get in the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon:

      • The Navigator — Exotic / Trace Rifle / Kinetic / Strand Element / Special Ammo;
      • New Pacific Epitaph — Legendary / Grenade Launcher / Kinetic / Stasis Element / Special Ammo;
      • Greasy Luck — Legendary / Glaive / Energy / Solar Element / Special Ammo;
      • No Survivors — Legendary / Submachine Gun / Energy / Solar Element / Primary Ammo;
      • Cold Comfort — Legendary / Rocket Launcher / Power / Stasis Element / Heavy Ammo.
      Ghosts of the Deep Loot Table


      1st Encounter

      2nd Encounter (Ecthar)

      3rd Encounter (Simmumah)

      Cold Comfort

      Cold Comfort

      The Navigator

      No Survivors

      No Survivors

      Cold Comfort

      New Pacific Epitaph

      Greasy Luck

      No Survivors



      Greasy Luck



      New Pacific Epitaph


      Class Item