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Weapons are the main feature of the game, everything builds around them. Each weapon is unique, even Legendary. Such SMG like Recluse is totally game breaking. The RNG system of perks makes it more challenging to get the most powerful weapon. But what about Exotic Weapons? The boost your Guardian on insane level! Each weapon has a very unique feeling of using it and a very cool design. Everyone will instantly understand who stands in front. Weapons replace words in that case. Overgear will gladly boost your Weapon collection of Exotic ones or will find the best Legendary weapons with god-roll perks. We are also provide Catalyst boosting for any Exotic weapon. Buy D2 Weapons of Shadowkeep, from old and new quests, PvP Crucible or Gambit rewards - you can claim any weapon you want! Check our assortment and order the Weapon you desire.

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    D2 is already an old game. The collection of any type of weapons is huge: Hand Cannons like Luna’s Howl or Ace of Spades, Auto rifles such as Monte-Carlo, Bows like Leviathan’s Breath, how about Pulse rifle Outbreak Perfected, or the best snipes like Whisper of the Worm or Izanagi’s Burden, Rocket Launcher like Deathbringer and more and more… Each weapon was designed with pure love, it feels each time when you get the knew one. It is not just about the stats of it, simply the feeling. Legendary weapons do so, after claiming the Recluse, you probably will stay with it forever. Exotic weapons are more individual. It is not easy to get some of them. Some of them has an epic quest line, another part has RNG drop. And everything is around how they look and what they can do with their special perks. Catalyst for Exotic Weapons can make them an ideal weapon of eradication. Same story with Absolute for Legendary weapons. Overgear is able to provide services for any weapon. Does not matter which type of weapon, what perks you need - we will get it! Crucible weapons, Exotic weapons, Legendary weapons, any Catalysts and all Weapons from Shadowkeep The Undying Season. We believe that any Guardian is worthy enough for claiming any weapon he wants. So it should become your decision, what weapon you desire and ready to get. Check all the offers for any type of weapons and choose what you would like to buy. It will be a pleasure for us to provide any Weapon boosting at D2 for your Guardian.