The best PvE activity in Destiny 2! Very complicated, tactically loaded 6-Guardian Raids! Doing them is very time-consuming, tough, but totally worth it! You will get tons of loot after any Raid, including a chance of getting a random or raid-specific exotic!

Of course, if you want to complete the raids successfully, you need to find a team of experienced players who know what to do and how to deal with incidents. Overgear helps you with this task!

Our boosters are high skilled and well experienced gamers
Affordable prices and excellent service. With love to our customers.
Destiny experts will answer every question about the game.

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    What is Destiny 2 Raid Carry?

    Destiny 2 Raid Boost is all you need to go into any raid in Destiny 2. Several professional fireteams are ready at any moment. They are waiting for you, Guardian! Defeat Riven of a Thousand Voices during the Last Wish raid or disturb the Vex Hivemind in the Garden of Salvation. Or look up Clovis Bray's secrets in the Deep Stone Crypt raid and visit the orbital station. Everything is available for you via self-play or piloted mode.


    You can get unique Exotics from each Destiny 2 Raid.

    • Completing the Last Wish raid grants you the random chance to get One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion Rifle. This bone-styled weapon shoots with the real beam of death that explodes in a few moments after the hit. Massive target damage guaranteed.
    • Garden of Salvation introduces us the special raid-connected exotic quest for the new trace rifle — Divinity. A vex-themed vacuum cleaner with the powerful single-target debuff.
    • Deep Stone Crypt is kinda special. Not to mention the Exotic Rocket Launcher — Eyes of Tomorrow, but this raid has the ultimate loot box at the end. You can reroll any possible raid drop, that you’ve acquired before. Easy God Rolls!

    What do we offer

    We offer you the fireteam of pro players that are ready to help you with any Destiny 2 raid carry service. You may buy the single run or get the raid exotic weapon with a guarantee. Choose any raid you want: Last Wish, Garden of Salvation, or Deep Stone Crypt.

    Raid Boost Details

    • Contact us in live chat, ask any questions, and place an order for the raid carry service
    • We will assign the best booster for your order.
    • Selfplay: at the appointed time you will be invited to a fireteam
    • Piloted: Booster will establish a VPN of your location during the usage of your account
    • Confirm the results of the boost on our site. Our player will receive your payment only after that confirmation.


    Is there a limit on how many raid boosts I can buy?

    No, we don’t have any limits on the number of raid runs. You can get as much as you desire. You can use raid farming services every day.

    How long does it take to complete the order?

    Usually, it takes about an hour to complete the full raid. But it may take a bit longer if you want to learn about the tactics and tricks. Of course, the guaranteed weapons will require more than one raid run. So it may take about several weekly resets.

    Do you use any 3rd party programs?

    No. Definitely not. Any cheats, hacks, bots or something like that is strictly prohibited on our platform. We are making the safest service with our pure skill.

    What About Safety?

    Our service is done by hands, without any cheats or bots. So, yes, your account will be 100% safe, if you will follow the simple rules during the service:

    • Don’t log into your account during the piloted service
    • Don’t stay AFK in the selfplay sessions
    • Have fun and enjoy your raid recovery service with professional players
    • Keep your boost a secret for anyone in the game chat. The developers may monitor that messages, huh. But you can tell about us in your clan Discord, if you want!

    When does the raid carry service start?

    If you don’t have any preferences, you will be able to join the raid fireteam in 30 minutes since the payment. But you can set up a special schedule with our manager, that will be suitable for you.