About Us

Overgear was created with the ultimate purpose to become your best buddy in the world of MMO games. The buddy who can suggest the right person to quickly solve any task for your character or account so you can enjoy the most delightful gaming experience.
Our Key Principles
Great Prices

Overgear allows you to contact any seller directly, that helps us to keep our prices at the absolute minimum available on the market
Lightning Fast

We appreciate your time. Overgear's interface and support are constantly being improved to make your orders run smoothly and quickly
and Security
The seller gets paid only when the order is finished and confirmed. You are protected by the Overgear moneyback guarantee
Highest Quality Standards
All sellers have to pass an interview before being allowed to sell on Overgear. Our top priority is to make sure there are no cheats, bots or people who can't properly communicate with our customers

Complete Transparency

One thing we will never do is deceiving our customers in any way. Before placing an order you may freely chat with any seller and check the reviews on his previous orders
Infinite Love <3

The greatest products are always created with passion and attention. We never ignore our clients and partners. We are open to critics and don't fear making mistakes

What is Overgear today?
Completed Orders
Registered Customers
5-star reviews
We introduce Improvements to our player scoring algorithms and making interface improvements for an even faster buying experience.

Mid 2021
200 Thousand Users
5 more games. Loyalty program, improvement of "play with pro" services and an expansion to the Asian market.

Late 2021
Expansion to mobile platforms. Launching an absolutely
free teammate finding service.

Continuing to make sure Overgear has everything gamers need for as many games as possible. Controlling the market and offering the lowest prices on all items and services. Constant improvements of products to create the smoothest boosting experience you could imagine.
400 Thousand Users
1 Million Users
3 Million Users
The Future of Overgear
We grew up together with World of Warcraft. The game gave us friends and partners, adrenaline, fun and of course loads of nerves. The game taught us to set goals and achieve them. Taught us to work in a team and think tactically.

We earned our first significant money thanks to WoW back in the times we were teens. Our marketing director worked in McDonald's in the daytime, and in the evenings he boosted people to Gladiator. At some moment it became clear that selling burgers was useless since his monthly salary could be earned in 3 evenings of playing arena! :)

From simple boosters, we transformed then to shop owners: since 2013 the members of our team have had a chance to work with 6 boosting websites - as partners, developers and/or marketers.

Overgear is a team of very special people: many of us learned marketing, product development and management, but still continued playing games. And what's even more important - now we still buy services on Overgear or from competitors. We don't just know boosting well. We understand what experience the customer should have from their very first visit of the website to the order completion.

We believe now is THAT moment: enough experience, knowledge, connections, success and failures we accumulated so we can finally say:

"Yes, we are ready to make a revolution on Real Money Trading market."
Wish us luck! ;)
In-game currency is the thing every player needs. Buying it saves you hours of boring farm and allows you to focus on the most entertaining activities in the game. It is completely safe but still there are some measures we recommend you to take care of:
Don't use in-game chats. Server administrators can read them, even private messages;
If you trade gold directly (in WoW, for example), kindly ask the other side to trade something in return. It shouldn't be anything valuable, just a fact of the exchange matters;
Trade the currency through legal in-game tools, such as guild bank, mail with cash-on-delivery or an auction house.
The majority of services on Overgear don't require you to share your account details with anyone. After placing an order, provide your in-game nickname to a seller, go online and wait for an invitation. You may participate in the process, or just follow the group of players and do nothing. In any case, you can be sure that the order will be finished and there will be no risk for your account at all.
There are few tips from Overgear:
Never chat with your pro player in in-game chat, especially don't discuss anything related to your order;
Follow the instructions given to you by the pro players to make your run quicker and smoother.
E-learning is a growing trend and gaming is not an exception. Coaching is the fastest way to learn something: playing a new class, improving your PvP or PvE skills, asking some questions about playstyle. Here you can find many pro players who can teach you a few lessons.
Few tips from Overgear:
Don't be shy to ask your coach literally any question;
Before making a purchase ask the player to give you a link to his character profile in battle.net (or another similar service);
Listen to what your coach says. Be open and accept the tips, even if at first glance you don't like them;
Don't talk to the seller in-game chat, especially about order details.
Ecommpay gateway allows you to pay with VISA/MasterCard, Giropay, Skrill and other different methods. USD and EUR are accepted, and you can use any other currency with a conversion.
Skrill is a convenient alternative to PayPal, especially for the countries where PayPal is unavailable. USD and EUR are accepted, as well as any other currency with conversion.
Ecommpay gateway allows you to pay with Giropay. USD and EUR are accepted, and you can use any other currency with a conversion.
PayPal is one of the most popular method worldwide. If you face any troubles paying by PayPal, please don't hesitate to contact our support.
Webmoney is simple to use and user-friendly payment gateway with the lowest commission: just 1%. Webmoney is available now only for sellers' payouts.
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