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    WoW Power Leveling

    WoW power leveling service from Overgear is a fast and affordable way to boost your character up to level 70. Our boosters can start from any level. The fact is that WoW real content starts at maximum level. The best way to speed this process up is to buy a power leveling service on Overgear and boost your character in less than 24 hours.

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      About WoW Leveling boost

      WoW Dragonflight leveling has become shorter and more flexible, but it is still not the funniest part of World of Warcraft. Many players choose quests for single leveling. But experienced players know that WoW leveling is faster in dungeons. Overgear helps you to save time on the way to level 70. Besides WoW power leveling service we provide lots of other useful carries that perfectly continue the progress of your character after finishing WoW fast leveling. We recommend you gear up as soon as possible after leveling service to make your life easier in Mythic+, PvP, and Raids. Each wow service is provided with 100% efficiency from our boosters. VPN, stream, and 24/7 support online. Let us know if you want to have a specific WoW leveling service.

      WoW Leveling FAQ

      Can I play by myself?

      Yes, of course, you can. In that case, there is nothing you do against the game rules - you are playing with your character on your computer. All you do is keep leveling up to 70.

      How can I track leveling service progress?

      You can always check it If you request a stream of your WoW level boosting. Otherwise, contact your booster on Discord and they will provide all the info you need about your order progression.

      Why should I buy leveling service?

      First of all, we provide our services for those players who are already fed up with repeatable actions and are tired of the process. Our boosters are professionals who know the best routes and tricks to finish WoW level boosting for your character as fast as possible.

      How can I track the WoW Powerlevel boost?

      Our live support team is available 24/7 and ready to provide you with updates via Discord or live chat. Additionally, we can give you a private Live stream to watch one of our boosters power level your character in WoW. If you have any other requests or need to track progress, please don't hesitate to contact us. We welcome all new suggestions!

      How does WoW Powerleveling boost work?

      This is the brief info about our boosters and how exactly we boost your character:

      • We never rely on any external software, as all of our power leveling boosts are done manually;
      • By combining different leveling mechanics such as questing, re-running dungeons, and time walking, we ensure that your character gets the maximum benefit from powerleveling;
      • Once we determine the schedule and plan of action, our booster will devote all their energy to getting your character to the highest level possible;
      • Our boosters are experienced and trained powerleveling professionals, so we'll guarantee the fastest carry;
      • We never ask your security question and protect your account through all possible means, including VPN.

      How to level up fast in WoW?

      To level up quickly, it is recommended to get a group together and use the Party Sync feature to coordinate quests and dungeons. As long as you keep adding new players to the group and keep them synchronized, you will be able to complete the same dungeons and quests multiple times for maximum experience. But mostly it's very difficult to find adequate teammates, that's why we provide our WoW powerleveling services.