The fastest way to hit level 60 is WoW powerleveling. This service provides character boosts and other in-game services of your choice at 100% safe 🦺. All you need to do is contact one of our trusted sellers, let them know your wishes and enjoy your free time while they do the long and tedious level grinding for you.

There's no doubt that every player wants to hit level 60 ASAP. It is a requirement for any top-tier activity. The thing is, leveling takes some time. And there are many ways to do it. It's quite difficult to figure out which way is the fastest and easiest, but our boosters will take it off your shoulders. They know all the legal tricks to get you to level 60 in the shortest time possible. In this category, you can also order some leveling bundles along with profession and reputation boosts.

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  • Express leveling up to 60 from 8 to 48 hours, it's your choice
  • Completed parts of achievements
  • Exalted reputation with factions you choose

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    About WoW Leveling

    With the everlasting conflict between the Alliance and the Horde, known as the Battle for Azeroth has ended, the new dark lands appeared. We sacrificed everything, even our Azerite Armor and Artifacts to save this world, but with new threats rising we will have to be stronger than ever before. The maximum character level cap is now at 60 and it's time to reach new heights. Way to 60 can be very different. If it's your main character in wow you probably don’t want to skip the usual way of leveling – questing in new locations. That way you'll open new factions that have some good bonuses for a high level. If it is an alt character, there are more options to reach 60 faster. You can enjoy the leveling in 5ppl dungeons.

    Fastest way to level up

    The most efficient way to get up to the maximum level as fast as possible is a power leveling service. There are multiple ways of power leveling, such as dungeons spam, or even timewalking dungeons, for a better leveling speed. For 50-60 characters the most popular way to get the highest level in WoW is the Free Hold boost. With this boost, you can get to level 60 in a couple of hours of your time. The advantage of this service – there's is no need to share your account. Our boosters know how to do this leveling service in a right and the fastest way.


    What leveling options do you have, if you want to level up from some other levels? Not to worry, WoW Power leveling got that covered too. Mostly, such carries exist to save the time of the customer so in 99% of cases, they are done with account sharing. While you’re doing your daily business, Overgear will level up your character in a short time up to level 50. It can be done on quests or using the dungeon spam, or even mixing both ways. Different boosters master themselves in different ways of power leveling. WoW gives lots of opportunities to the players and the boosters use them wisely. You can boost your character using different methods, and it is up for you to decide how it will be done. Additionally, there are some special potions you can buy from Battle for Azeroth Warfronts vendor. It gives an additional 10% exp bonus to your character.


    Summing all these tools, your character can receive a boost to 60 in 24h, counting the seasonal experience bonus due to the COVID-19 that gives an additional 100% exp.What can be done to improve the service of the level boost? The best way is to spend some gold or other currencies on BoA gear with extra bonuses to the experience gains. There are five slots, including head, cloak, shoulder, chest, legs that you can buy. If you played back in Warlords of Draenor you may also have a ring with an extra 5% bonus exp.

    Choose a seller on the power leveling market, pick the one with the lowest price or the one who does it faster than others – make contact, discuss details, and get it done according to your wishes! Boost your character and join the conflict fully armed and prepared. Get all the gold and gear along the way to max level, complete achievements, gain reputation with Shadowlands factions. Put an end to the conflict and get ready to face upcoming threats – buy a level boost and show your allegiance to your faction in battle. Don’t forget to check the additional options for each offer. Overgear can boost lots of things in the game at the same time with leveling or after reaching 50. Got any questions? Feel free to ask them in chat – we are available 24/7.