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    WoW Gearing

    Once you get 70 level in World of Warcraft, you should prepare yourself for high-end content. PvP-battles, PvE dungeon and raid runs, and even casual daily routines in Dragonflight require suitable armor. Our WoW Gearing service will make your gameplay much more convenient.

    All you need to do is just choose the offers you are interested in, and our boosters complete their task as fast as it is possible. There are no limits for us, so you can get BiS Mythic raid gear, the best items from Dungeons, or high-rated PvP sets.

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        Dragonflight Gearing Service FAQ

        How do you gear up in Dragonflight?

        For the most part, it doesn’t seem that much has changed in Dragonflight regarding gearing. You still get most of the best PvE gear from raids and mythic+ dungeons, with Great Vault at the side.

        The biggest change came in the form of professions rework. Blizzard promised that crafted equipment will be much more powerful this time around, possibly even going toe-to-toe with Mythic+ gear. And with the new Crafting Order system, players can order even the best soulbound gear from any profession as long as they can provide the materials.

        While you’ll still have to go and battle monsters in the raids and dungeons to acquire the BiS gear, crafter equipment can serve as a great substitute, especially since you can customize it to better suit your loadout and playstyle.

        What is the fastest way to get gear in Dragonflight?

        Mythic dungeons are your way to go if you want to get the best gear asap since you can do them as much as you want. Keep in mind that you can get only one high-level item from a Mythic Dungeon per run. That’s why we recommend you run them with a group of friends so that you can always exchange the rewards. Though, with our boosters, you don’t have to share any of the rewards ;)

        Potentially, it might be worthwhile to check for some crafted gear as well. While you can’t afford the best-crafted gear without doing raids, it should still serve as great starting equipment to get you through the Mythic Dungeons until you find something better to replace it with.

        How do you get the best PvE gear in Dragonflight?

        Raids, raids, and one more time - raids. Or, well, raid, since only one comes out with the Dragonflight release - Vault of the Incarnates. With all the powerful bonuses Tier sets provide, they still remain a must-have, regardless of your class or activity.

        How do you get PVP gear in Dragonflight?

        Nothing substantial changed here. You do PvP — you get the PvP gear. Or rather, the currency to acquire it. One very interesting change, however, is that the PvP gear now scales only in PvP itself. That means that the gear will play a minor role now, with the player’s skill and team composition being of the most importance. This change should make PvP battles much fairer and more fun for everyone involved.