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    Buy Apex Legends boost on any platform with the guaranteed result! We do various types of boosts - ranks, badges, wins/kills farm, battle pass and account leveling. Almost every offer you'll see here is customizable to fit your exact preferences.

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    Is Apex Legends boosting safe?

    We use all available security measures to make your boost safe. All our Apex Boosting services are done through VPN proxies. We never use any cheats, hacks, or third-party software. Only fair play and pure skill.

    What is boosting in Apex Legends?

    For most of our offers, you'll have two options - pilot and self-play. Pilot means that our booster will play for you, self-play means that you're playing yourself and our player is your teammate.

    How can I know if my order is doing ok?

    You can track progress in your Discord chat by directly asking your booster, or, if you've chosen the stream option, you can see it all happening live or in the record.

    Can you get banned for boosting in Apex Legends?

    You can be banned in Apex legends for unfair gameplay. Cheating is obviously the main reason for getting banned. All our services are delivered via fair play. So you can stop worrying about it and get our Apex Legends boosting services right now!