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    Apex Battle Pass Boost

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    Buy Apex Battle Pass leveling boost - we can do all 110 levels for you! The main reason to get Battle Pass is its unique cosmetics that you won't be able to obtain once the season is over. If you don't have enough time or just don't want to level up your battle pass yourself - you can rely on us!

    Battle Pass is a great addition to your Apex experience. Every season there're 110 levels of battle pass for you to get. It gives you certain challenges to complete every week and every day. All of them make your gameplay a little more diverse. It makes you play new legends and use weapons that otherwise you don't want to use. If you don't really want to waste your time with this, then feel free to use our services right now and get all of the desirable cosmetic rewards from the Battle Pass.


    • The desired battle pass level;
    • Battle Pass rewards;
    • Some badges and quests may be completed during the boost.


    • Stream - pick this option to see how our booster is executing your order live. Stream record is available.
    • After the purchase, we will contact you via live chat or e-mail to schedule it;
    • Order execution will be started at the agreed time;
    • Our booster will take your character. There's no self-play option for this offer;
    • We'll notify you about the order completion or you'll see it yourself;
    • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.


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    Apex Battle Pass boost FAQ

    What is the fastest way to level up Apex Battle Pass?

    For the most part, all you have to do is to win battles, get most of the kills and deal massive damage to your enemies. But the fastest way to level up your Battle Pass is to do daily and weekly challenges, that Battle Pass offers you. There are can be up to 8 weekly challenges. All of them require you to do certain activities which can be complicated. For example, a challenge can be that you should win three matches by playing a certain legend. For many, this can be a tough task, especially if these legends are not your main ones. So consider buying our Apex legends Battle Pass XP boost and forget about all of this hustle.

    Does Apex Battle Pass Boost XP?

    Yes, it does. Battle Pass gives you a certain XP boost while playing. Not to mention that if you'll play with your friends, you'll have an additional XP boost from that. All of these XP buffs will make your leveling much faster. So if you don't want to spend weeks to gain those levels, then consider getting our Apex Battle Pass boost services right now!

    How do I get to Apex level 2000?

    Here is a shortlist of certain activities that you can do, that grant you XP points:

    • Kill another player – 50 XP each;
    • Killing the current Apex Champion – 500 XP;
    • Killing the game leader – 50 XP;
    • Reviving a teammate – 25 XP each;
    • Respawning a teammate – 25 XP each;
    • Time Survived – around 180 XP per minute survive;
    • Playing With Friends – 5% more XP towards Time Survived.

    Keep in mind, that all of these activities can take you weeks to properly level up. So buy Apex Battle Pass carry services and skip this hardcore grind.

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