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    Mythic+ Dungeons are as fun as tough to play. They are a great source of gear, mounts and achievements. Struggle no more with endless party disbands! Overgear is the best way to complete any dungeon you need.

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        What is Overgear? We are a platform for gamers who would like to save their time and get the rewards they want. Mythic+ system might be complicated for non-geared characters, nevertheless can be done quickly with our professional players. Also, sometimes it is very difficult to get into an LFG party because of RIO requirements or class and spec preferences. To avoid all those troubles we provide different Mythic keystone boost services. Our experienced boosters will make your WoW life easier.

        WoW Mythic+ Dungeons FAQ

        Do I have to share my account details?

        We practise both methods of boosting. You can play your character together with our boosters during Mythic plus run and feel safe. In that case, there is nothing you do against the game rules - you are playing your character on your computer. All you do is a simple Mythic+ dungeon boost. For Piloted mode, it is a bit more complicated but still, we can minimize the risks during the Mythic plus carry service and that is why:

        • Our boosters use the best VPN with the closest location to yours;
        • Boosters use a tricky software for carrying that generates a unique signature of the hardware that is never used twice;
        • All these programs don’t violate the game rules.

        Can I play during boosting service on my account?

          If you want to be a participant in the boost service, you can always choose the "Self-play" option. But in this case, you should know and complete the mechanics of the fights.

          If you are interested in your opportunity to play at the same time with your booster in "Piloted mode", the answer is no. But we always make a schedule according to your wishes.

          Logging into your account during the boosting process isn’t a good idea for its safety. If you have some kind of raiding schedule in WoW, please note it when we are creating your order so, we will find a team that will perfectly suit your in-game time. You will be able to communicate with your booster via created chat on Discord.

        Can you boost my Keystone?

        Yes, we can. Let us know about it via chat.

        I need a specific WoW Mythic+ key. Can I pick the one?

        You can pick the key you want if an order has that option. With our Wow Mythic plus boost you can complete any dungeon you want to obtain the best gear for your character.

        How long does it take to complete my order?

        Looking for a team of boosters takes up to 30 minutes. Each dungeon has its timer. Usually, it takes up to 40 minutes. Note that ETA varies due to order conditions.

        Is it possible to get even more loot for a single Mythic+ run?

        Yes, you can add extra loot traders from the options.

        Do you provide the Timewalking boost?

        Yes, we do. But this service is only available during the Timewalking in the game.

        I have a very specific WoW Mythic+ order. What should I do?

        Contact our managers and they will help you with that.

        Why is Mythic+ boost so difficult?

        There are several reasons. First of all, is gear. LFG players always want to invite the most geared players. The second thing is your Mythic Score. If you don't have enough scores you won't be invited. The thing is — pugs always want to invite players that have more scores than them. The third reason is metaclasses and specs. Random players always want to combine gear, mythic scores, and valuable classes for their run. We can’t accuse them of doing something wrong because everyone wants to make life easier. The fact is that even with no meta specs, you can complete any key in time if you have experience. That is why regular players are looking for their weekly key in LFG for so long. Overgear wants to allow you to save your time with our services not to spend hours in queues and even more while trying to complete a single Mythic+ run.