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    WoW is a huge game with lots of daily stuff to do at level 60. What exactly are we talking about?

    • Lots of world quests on the map for anima power, conduits, reputation, and some gear and gold
    • The Maw dailies and weekly quests
    • Maw storyline after reaching 60
    • Unlocking the Torghast for fresh characters
    • Gearing is a key to all max level content such as mythic+, raids and PvP
    • Torghast weekly Soul Ash farm

    There are several more things to do in WoW outside of Shadowlands like:

    • Allied races boost
    • Heritage armor boost for several races
    • Argent Tournament farm

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    • Active WoW subscription
    • Level 60
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    Your character is everything. The first thing you have to do in wow with your character is getting it to level 60. But apart from that, you need a lot of gear, some currencies, tons of quests, and more, more, more... It takes A LOT of time and can be boring, but there's a way to speed things up, right in this category! Buy the most crucial services for your character.

    WoW is not all about PvP arenas, dungeons, raids and other fun things. It’s also a grind that becomes a boring everyday routine you want to escape. Not everyone today has enough time to spend in the game and to complete all raids and PvP quests with other players. Well, Overgear is here with all the necessary WoW character services for purchase. Our platform connects professional boosters directly with a client. Here you can find WoW boosting offers from real players. They know everything about WoW character boosts, can predict exactly how much time it will take to fulfill your request, and can give you the best price on the market.

    These WoW services are time-savers for busy people who value their personal time. Extremely cool for players who want to keep all alts on the same level as the main characters. Just try to sum up how much time you should spend in WoW to do all activities at max level. 2 wings of torghast for weekly soul ash cap to keep crafting and upgrading legendaries for all specs. Daily and weekly quests at the Maw to farm reputation with Venari or to farm Stygia in the Maw to get buffs for Torghast or to make sockets in your gear to empower your characters even more. Anima power farm at world quests to increase your Covenant Renown or to make your Covenant Hall upgrades. And you might wanna have some time during the week to visit raids, mythic plus or arena, and rated battlegrounds. And as the cherry on top - what if you need to do all those things for 3 or more characters EVERY WEEK or DAY? Overgear gives you an opportunity to save your time and leave all this boring farm to our professional boosters.