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Are you in love with FPS games and MMO? D2 mixes both genres in one bottle and there you go! Available at all platforms as PC, X-Box, and PlayStation at the same time. Grab your gear, Guardian, and let’s face all journeys together with Overgear. Best Legendary and Exotic weapons the game can offer, best exotic armor for each class and any builds. All PvE raids and Strikes at Master level, gearing up and leveling your Light to 950, 960 or even 1000! PvP at Crucible for rating, Recluse and Luna’s Howl are waiting for you. Or maybe you would like to become a Gambit Champion? How about the Breakneck? Triumphs, sparrows and other cosmetic things to show other Guardian what you’re made of. Check what we’ve got, but whatever you need or like, Overgear will make it happen for you.

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There are a lot of MMO games in the world, but not so much of them become really long-living projects with a great player base. D2 is one of the games that live up to that moment. What is so special about it? Well, from the very beginning of the original D it was an MMO FPS game on consoles, then D2 made it to the PC. Each year this game has expansions and there are some new features each week. During each expansion, there are 4 different seasons. Each of them is unique in its own way and has it is own rewards. There are 3 different classes in the game but it doesn’t mean that they have separated roles, as any classic MMO has. They are Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters. At first look you may say that warlock is a caster or even a healer, titan is a tank and hunter is a pure DPS class, but you are wrong. Each class has its own unique features, but they can handle any type of content. Each class has subclass, which is based on what energy type you are using – Solar, Arc or Void energy. You can easily switch between them while out of combat. This mechanic allows players to handle their problems in the proper way for themselves, which is a very cool idea. There are also a lot of other game mechanics that involve gear usage which has an influence on the gameplay. During the game, your goal is to claim as much gear and conquer the raids or other Guardians in Crucible or compete with other teams at Gambit. Also, there are a lot of quests and stories on each planet. After some time you will decide what you like more PvE or PvP in this game. PvE includes all open-world grind & farm, quests, gearing, Strikes or dungeons, and Raids. PvP is an arena for several players, the quantity depends on the playlist of Crucible. There is also a good rating PvP system with very cool rewards. Gambit is a cool mix of PvE and PvP content, where 2 teams try to complete difficult PvE scenarios but sometimes you have an opportunity to invade the enemy side and make their life much more difficult. But what about Overgear and boosting in D2? Why should anyone need it? It is obvious, that MMO game without donating system inside the game accumulates all spend time in D2 world. So basically, the more time you spend in-game - the more powerful your Guardians, the better gear you have, the more Exotic weapons and armor slots, better rating at Crucible or Gambit. Everything revolves around the time investment. Not everyone is able to collect a lot of resources for the best Exotic weapon, or power up your character with Light every day. Raids are very difficult without the communication and experience of the team. And not to mention that the best Submachine Gun Recluse for PvE drops from rated PvP, which is not for everyone, for sure. Which is where the Overgear can give you a helping hand for any in-game content. We provide the best services for D2 on each platform. How do we do that? We have a different d2 boosting models with account sharing or not. So mainly it depends on you, our boosters can carry you anywhere, or they can easily boost your guardian without your participation. Both ways are 100% safe because none of the game designers don’t care and never check such things on any platform. That is why all boosting services are 100% safe for everyone in D2. Take a look at our boosting offers and take your time to relax, while we do our job. It will be done momentarily and you will claim what you’d like to by simply buying our services.