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    Destiny 2 Boosting Services

    Get the best Destiny 2 Services, weapons, latest raids, difficult challenges, anything you can imagine. Start in 30 minutes. 24/7 Customer Support. Self-play available. Just pick up the desired offer and forget about any grind or trouble with matchmaking.

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    All you need to know about D2 Boosting

    Boosting in Destiny 2 is the way to play the game without stucking in the grind walls and artificial stretching of gameplay. You can achieve any desired weapon or just go to the hardest raid even without a good clan.

    What Destiny 2 Carry Services do we offer?

    You can find every possible to boost feature from Destiny 2 on Overgear. We have strong PvP teams to carry Trials of Osiris and Glory Ranks. Our raid clans are also great, doing more than 10 raid runs per day. And you can find some other game services. Here’s the full list for our Destiny 2 boosting:

    • Trials of Osiris Boosting
    • Raids Carry
    • Exotic and Legendary weapons
    • Crucible Services
    • Gambit Services
    • Strikes and Nightfalls
    • Dungeons
    • Triumphs and Seals
    • Leveling and Farming Services

    If you want something special that is not listed on our site — just ask our manager through the chat about the desired game service.

    How your order is going to be processed?

    • The best price is guaranteed. If you find any lower price for Destiny 2 boosting service, we'll match it.
    • After you've placed an order our game manager will contact you in the chat on the website.
    • All contact account details would be clarified with you and the best start time of the order would be confirmed.

    For Self play option

    • At the appointed time, you will get an invitation in the Destiny 2 game and be summoned to the fireteam.
    • You will be taught what to do on each step if your help is required.
    • Just follow the party leader's orders, and boosting will go smoothly.

    For Piloted option

    • Discord chat will be created so that you could track the progress of your order. Our booster will drive your Destiny 2 character.
    • We will set up all security measures in Destiny 2 Services, such as the best VPN of your country.
    • You can ask a booster for the personal game stream of the whole boosting process.

    Why choose Overgear Destiny 2 Sherpa Service?

    • Overgear allows you to contact any booster directly, which helps us to keep our prices at the absolute minimum available on the Destiny 2 recovery service market.
    • We value your time. Overgear's interface and support for Destiny 2 Services are constantly improving to make your orders run smoothly and quickly.
    • The booster gets paid only when the order is finished and confirmed. You are protected by the best Overgear moneyback guarantee.
    • All boosters must pass an interview before being allowed to work on Overgear. Our top priority is to make sure there are no cheats, bots or people who can't properly communicate with their customers.
    • The greatest products are always created with passion and attention. We never ignore our clients and partners. We are open to critics and don't fear making mistakes.


    How long will my boost take?

    It really depends on the offer. For example, our boosters will complete Deep Stone Crypt run in about an hour. 7-0 Trials run may require up to 3 hours. And something special, like God Roll recovery service for your beloved 120 RPM hand cannon, may take a few weeks.

    Can I contact the booster?

    You will be invited to a Discord chat between you and the game booster. So you will be able to track the order, clarify all the details about the process and ask for the personal game stream.

    What if I don’t like my booster?

    Actually, all of our boosters are high qualified Destiny 2 gamers. But if you feel uncomfortable with your current player, feel free to ask our manager to change them. We will find a perfect replacement to continue your boosting.

    Can I play on the account while it is boosted?

    We are sorry, but for your best safety and the safety of your account, we would not recommend logging in to your Destiny 2 game account while the piloted boosting is in progress. But if you chose the Selfplay option — you will stay on your account (and your character) during the whole process. This is the safest choice for any Destiny 2 recovery service.

    Can I select a booster when ordering Destiny 2 Services?

    Overgear provides equal conditions for all our game boosters, so you are not able to choose the booster by yourself. But, if you are ordering the second time (or maybe more), we will try to connect you with the previous one.