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    Destiny 2 Comp Carry

    Destiny 2 boost in PvP is a key service to obtain beautiful armor sets, competitive ritual weapons, and rare emblems. PvP in D2 is a skill-demanding activity that has no excuses if you don't know how to move and how to shoot in this game. Overgear PRO players can help you with everything

    Destiny 2 PvP boosting is a great service if you want to get desired rewards or rare loot from Crucible and Ranked MM.

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      Destiny 2 Comp Boosting Service

      Does power matter in Destiny 2 PvP?

      Power in Destiny 2 PvP doesn't matter, but Trials have Power Level advantages turned on. It means Crucible, Iron Banner, or Competitive doesn't require players Power Levels. The Guardian with 1350 and 1580 power level will be equal. Only pure skill and build is really meant. Our Destiny 2 Competitive carry will help you overcome any difficulties in PvP.

      How do I get better at PvP in Destiny 2?

      You can rent a professional player who will teach you in this game, but basically, you need to know which weapon is in meta right now and how to make a PvP build from available armor and weapons. Don't forget to use mods in armor! Otherwise you can order Destiny 2 comp carry and take a rest, while our pro sherpa will do all the fob for you.

      Destiny 2 Boost in PvP

      Is Boosting allowed in Destiny 2?

      Destiny 2 comp boosting account restrictions are relatively rare and infrequent because of the validation needed to process them. Boosting bans often take time to actually investigate whether or not Destiny 2 PvP carry physically took place, not just some of the players saying something.

      So the happy answer is that these almost always go unpunished, of course, when you use our PvP Boosting Service and follow manager instructions.