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    Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt boosting service is the easiest and most pleasant way to enjoy one of the most popular PvE activities in D2. Completing DSC raid requires both knowing all the mechanics and killing hordes of enemies at the same time. Without Deep Stone Crypt raid carry, it may be tough and time-consuming, so you need to find a reliable fireteam to complete Deep Stone Crypt challenges and get tons of Deep Stone Crypt loot.

    Overgear is ready to provide you with D2 Deep Stone Crypt carry service done by a team of professional boosters. Buy DSC boost now, complete any amount of runs you need, and get any reward you want, including Deep Stone Crypt exotic armor and weapons.

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      Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt Boost FAQ

      What is the Deep Stone Crypt?

      The Deep Stone Crypt raid in Destiny 2 is a six-player cooperative activity that was introduced in the Beyond Light expansion of the game. It is set within the Deep Stone Crypt facility on the frozen moon of Europa, where players must navigate through a series of challenges and encounters to uncover the secrets of the exo race and the facility's true purpose.

      The raid is divided into several encounters, each with its own unique mechanics and challenges. These encounters include battling powerful enemies and solving complex puzzles that require teamwork, communication, and coordination to overcome.

      The Deep Stone Crypt raid is considered to be one of the most challenging and rewarding activities in Destiny 2, requiring a high level of skill and coordination from all players involved. You can get a Raid Armor Set, various exotic and legendary weapons including Posterity, and huge amounts of resources.

      Who is Deep Stone Crypt last boss?

      The final boss of the raid is Taniks, the Abomination, a formidable enemy with several phases that require players to work together to deal damage and avoid deadly attacks. Players who successfully complete the raid are rewarded with powerful loot and exotic weapons that are exclusive to the raid.

      How to start Deep Stone Crypt?

      In order to start Deep Stone Crypt. you have to buy Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2.

      Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt Weapons

      • Posterity - Hand Cannon
      • Succession - Sniper Rifle
      • Bequest - Sword
      • Trustee - Scout Rifle
      • Heritage - Shotgun
      • Commemoration - Machine Gun

      Deep Stone Crypt Loot Table

      First encounterSecond encounterThird encounterFourth encounter
      Trustee - Scout RifleSuccession - Sniper RiflePosterity - Hand CannonBequest - Sword
      Arms ArmotHeritage - ShotgunArms ArmotCommemoration - Machine Gun
      Legs ArmorArms ArmorChest ArmorHead Armor
      Class ItemLegs ArmorClass ItemChest Armor
      Class Item
      Legs Armor


      Deep Stone Crypt Carry Services

      With Overgear you will be able to complete various types of activities in the raid thanks to our professional raid boosting services.

      • Deep Stone Crypt - classic boosting service. We are ready to complete any amount of raid boost you need;
      • Eyes of Tomorrow - raid exotic Rocket Launcher that shoots several Solar missiles at once - a great choice to eliminate hordes of enemies;
      • Deep Stone Crypt Armor Set - this service will get you a unique armor set that can be used as a transmog;
      • Weapon Leveling and Crafting - we can obtain for you any Raid Weapon, unlock shaping, and level up it unbelievably fast!

      Additional Options

      Our DSC boosting services are suitable for the most narrow tasks thanks to the number of additional options. You can add an unlock of secret chests, guaranteed obtaining of Eyes of Tomorrow, Flawless completion, lore, exotics, and other extra bonuses to your order.

      What location is Deep Stone Crypt on?

      The raid starts on Europa and continues to the Morning Star.