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    WoW Raid Boost

    Order completion of WoW Dragonflight raids. Any difficulty is available, specific bosses runs, WoW raid mounts farm. Add extra options like guaranteed items and special achievements completing. Book a slot in our live chat and enjoy WoW raid boosting!

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      World of Warcraft raids is still one of the best PvE content in the whole MMORPG genre. In Dragonflight, boss fights become even more breathtaking due to unique mechanics and an exciting arcade component. However, not everyone can easily try these encounters - raids require at least 10 people and 20 for the mythic mode.

      You can try to complete the current Averrus raid with random groups, although it doesn’t guarantee you success. Or search for a nice guild that can make you feel comfortable. But if you don’t want to waste time, you can make an order on Overgear and complete Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible in a few hours.

      WoW Raid Boost FAQ

      How does WoW raid boost work?

      We'll find the most experienced raid group for you and at the appointed time, summon you to the raid or pilot your character. You can choose various options like loot traders or specific bosses, depending on what you need from the run. In the raid, you should attack each boss at least one time to get loot. If you order some loot traders, all your items will be shared with you at the end of boost.

      Why should I buy WoW boosting services?

      Sometimes it's hard to find a really good team or guild to complete the raid. Especially on high difficulties. With our professional PvE players, you don't need to worry about your DPS or HPS, or tactics. Our players do everything for you.

      Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible Loot Item Levels

      In Dragonflight, the more bosses you kill, the higher item level rewards you can get. If you buy Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible raid, you can get items of ilvls from the table below.

      Raid difficultyBosses 1-3Bosses 4-5Bosses 6-7Bosses 8-9


      Also, some bosses drop loot of even higher item levels, increasing them for 6 or 7 ilvl.

      Usually, they become the most coveted goal for most raiders during Aberrus runs. In the table below, you can find all possible rare items you can get during the Aberrus loot run.

      TrinketSeething Black DragonscaleKazzara (Boss 1)
      PolearmDjaruun, Pillar of the Elder FlameRashok (Boss 5)
      TrinketIdol of Chaotic ArroganceNeltharion (Boss 8)
      TrinketIdol of Debilitating ArroganceNeltharion (Boss 8)
      TrinketIdol of Domineering ArroganceNeltharion (Boss 8)
      CloakVoice of the Silent StarScalecommander Sarkareth (Boss 9)