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      WoW Achievements FAQ

      Can I check my WoW Achievements online?

      You can use Wowhead Profiler to check the information about your character.

      How do you get Achievement points in WoW?

      Achievements are actions that the game requires you to do. For example the game rewards players for killing the last bosses in a dungeon or in a raid. After all the conditions were covered you get the ingame notification which is called Achievement. The more Achievements you do the more points you have.

      What is the point of Achievement points?

      They represent player's accomplishments since they have started playing World of Warcraft. Also some Achievements reward players with different ingame objects like mounts, titles, pets and toys.

      When did WoW introduce achievements?

      Achievements were added with The Wrath of The Lich King expansion.

      Does anyone have every WoW Achievement?

      Back in 2018 a player called Xirev earned all the Achievements available. It took him ~900 days of ingame time.

      Can you spend Achievement points in WoW?

      At this point of the game there is no chance to spend Achievement points.

      Are Achievements shared in WoW?

      All the rewards granted from Achievements are shared all over your account characters.