Mecha-Done Achievement

          Mecha-Done achievement is a big challenge on your way to the Model W mount. It consists of 10 very complicated achievements which will take a lot of time. But the reward is so cool that it is worth it, and you know it. Fortunately, you have Overgear to help you with all the parts of Mecha-Done achievement until your character can finally obtain the Keys to the Model W!

          • You will get Keys to the Model W mount in your collection;
          • You will also get Mecha-Done achievement;
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Model W was a hot topic for many discussions because of its cool and unique model, and this reward is not that easy to get. For sure, a lot of players want to have this one in their collection. So, what exactly must be done to get it?

The requirements for Mecha-Done are:
  • The Mechagonian Threat - Complete the Mechagon storyline
  • Outside Influences - Complete all visitor’s quests
  • Junkyard Apprentice - Craft 250 items at Mechagon, excluding crates
  • Available in Eight Colors - Speaks for itself, time to collect those cats
  • Making the Mount - Get the Mechaspider
  • Rest in Pistons - Kill all of the 36 rare mobs in the zone
  • Junkyard Architect - Unlock all 38 blueprints
  • Junkyard Machinist - Complete 100 constructions at Mechagon
  • Junkyard Melomaniac - Collect all 6 musical tracks
  • Armed for Action - Construct all 5 weapons with Rocket-Chief Fuselage

Complete all the achievements listed above, and you finally get a Mecha-Done achievement and obtain the Model-W mount!

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Mecha-Done Achievement