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    WoW Solo Shuffle Boost

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    Buy WoW Solo Shuffle carry service and be the first to get the highest rating ranks compared to your friend's rating on the arena, and gear up your character with part of the BIS PvP set from Great Vault.

    Solo Shuffle is the solo queue for 3s Arena with 6 rounds for the entire match, except that with each round, it'll "shuffle" the teams to be grouped with other players in the match.

    Our PVP pro booster provides you easy rating in Solo Shuffle so that you won’t need to puzzle out the strategy for this complexity. You will get piloted wins that will push your MMR up and unlock 6 achievements, including the PvP title Soloist.

    You don’t need to worry and sit in front of the monitor all day long to check your progress. The order will be based on your schedule choices. Do not think about time, trust professionals and just enjoy the result.


    • Desired Solo Shuffle rating;
    • Chance to get BIS PvP gear;
    • 6 achievements and title Soloist, depending on your choice.


    • PvP Gear Farm — you need a certain PvP set for an arena rating boost. Check the requirements below and choose this option if your character doesn't match them. If you have some parts of Honor gear or Conquest gear, text us via live chat to get a discount for this option;
    • Power Levelling — you need 70 lvl to do solo shuffle;
    • PVP title Soloist — to get this title, you'll need to complete the Supreme Soloist achievement, which involves winning 150 rounds of Solo Shuffle;
    • Legend Title — upgrade your Solo Shuffle Rating to 2400 and 100 round wins above;
    • Live stream — enable this option if you want to monitor the progress. You will know the intermediate results on the way to the goal.


      • Piloted - need a hand? Our ace booster will step in and play your character right on your account;
      • Remote Control - we'll use our handy remote control software to jump in and play your character right on your PC. It's safe, secure, and all about keeping your account protected.
    • To boost your Rating in Season 2, you'll need 437 ilvl honor gear;
    • Level 70 character;
    • You need PvP Honor gear for a rating boost up to 1800, or PvP Conquest gear for a rating boost up to 2400. If you don't have suitable gear, choose the required type of gear in Additional options;
    • If you need an explanation about PvP/PvE item levels, feel free to text us via live chat.


      Our booster will log in to your account and plays during the boost:

    • Select preferred options and place an order;
    • We will contact you via our live chat or by sending an email;
    • All the details will be discussed beforehand and we’ll start according to your schedule;
    • We’ll find you a booster who fits your schedule the best;
    • At the appointed time, our professional player will take your character and start order completion;
    • We'll notify you when the order will be done.

    Enjoy your Solo Shuffle carry servise! And do not forget to rate us on Trustpilot.


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    What is Solo Shuffle WoW?

    Solo Shuffle is the solo queue for 3v3 Arena with 6 rounds for the entire match. It'll find two healers and four DPS and with each round after the first, it'll "shuffle" the teams to be grouped with other players in the match.

    How to Solo Shuffle WoW?

    To queue up, you’ll need to a minimum required PvP ilvl, similar to queueing up for Heroic Dungeons. Solo Shuffle is strictly 3v3. The matchmaking system will pick 4 random DPS and 2 healers or tanks and place them onto a random map out of the available arena. There will be 6 round arena brawl. The 'shuffle' comes in after the first match where the teams will be mixed up so that every combination of 2 DPS and 1 healer or 1 tank will be played. Tanks are equivalent to healers in this format. After the 6 rounds are all over, a scoreboard will pop up with the amount of rounds that each individual player won.

    How to queue for Solo Shuffle WoW?

    You will be able to queue up for Rated Solo Shuffle in the Rated PvP tab in the Group Finder UI. You'll need a minimum required PvP item level, similar to queueing up for Heroic Dungeons.

    Is Solo Shuffle available?

    Solo Shuffle was added in Shadowlands patch 9.2, the Eternity's End patch, as a brawl for players who wanted to get Arena-style PVP without having access to a dedicated partner or group to play with.

    Solo Shuffle
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