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    Overgear Bundles

    Here you can find Overgear Bundles, special offers made with love and care for our customers, and a lot of other hottest Dragonflight offers. We analyze the most popular needs and create offers at a lower price for your comfort and time-saving. Be aware that part of these offers are time-limited and fully customizable. Don't miss the chance to get a bundled service to empower your character!

    Our offers provide you with the best services to improve your in-game experience. Our boosters are the best players from all parts of the world, regular participants of the raid Hall of Fame, and today they are ready to help you!

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        WoW Bundles FAQ

        What are Overgear Bundles?

        They are special offers constructed for our customers. We analyze common requests and provide the most desired services as a packaged offer at a lower price to cover your needs.

        How long does it take to complete my order?

        Delivery time varies due to order conditions. Offers like Keystone Hero or Keystone Master require at least two weeks because of affix rotation, for example. But in most cases, our orders can be completed in one day.

        Also, don't forget that you can divide your orders into several sessions. And while it increases completion time, it can provide you with useful options like Great Vault rewards unlocking for several weeks.

        Can you complete the part of Overgear Bundle for my alt?

        Of course, if your bundle is not tied to your only one character, you can order the completion of some bundle parts for your alts. For example, if you buy Free Traders Mythic +15 Runs, you can complete several dungeons on several characters with various types of armor.

        Why should I buy Overgear Bundles?

        By buying Overgear bundles, you save up to 15% rather than buying single services. We combine the most relevant offers to match players' requests.

        Are these offers limited?

        Yes, they are. We try to provide the most up-to-date services and that means our team changes the bundle section regularly.