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Overgear is a platform where you can purchase cheap WoW transmogs and avoid hours of farming. Get your favourite transmogs as fast as possible! Do you have an idea of how your character should look? Then just construct your style and let us know what you would like to have. We can help you to obtain any Tier Set no matter what PvP or PvE activity it is. Overgear has the best prices, the fastest delivery time and 5-star quality. Our managers are ready to help you 24/7!

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    WoW Transmog FAQ

    What is Transmog?

    From patch 4.3 Transmog has become a huge thing. An ability to change the look of your equipped gear and make a completely stylish outfit. Raid Tier transmog sets, PvP seasonal sets, quests, and dungeon sets - all of them are available to use. In this section, you may find all raid and PVP sets. However, you can design your own outfit and we will collect the desired set. Bring your own idea with a screenshot or Wowhead profile and we will do the rest. Notice that your class can only use Transmog of your main armor type: cloth, leather, mail or plate.

    Why should I buy Transmog?

    • Sometimes it can take up to 8 weeks just to get a single set;
    • If you are farming several raid Transmog sets at the same time, it takes a lot of time to clear each raid;
    • For PvP sets, it all comes to Battleground winning for a special currency. It also takes a lot of time, especially if you want to collect several sets;
    • Some pieces have the same model from a different content or just have no class restriction. Our boosters know exactly each source of these pieces so they can farm more efficiently;
    • Some raids are difficult or even impossible to farm solo, which means you need a party or a raid to kill bosses. With WoW transmog carry you avoid these factors: you hire professional boosters that will trade every item you need;

    What is Class Transmog?

    Class sets were a huge thing before the Battle for Azeroth expansion. However, some sets have look-a-like versions. For example, you can be a Hunter wearing Shaman set because pieces don't have any class restrictions. On Overgear you can buy WoW transmog for each class.

    Can I get T3 Transmog Sets?

    The T3 set is a very special case. You probably know that Classic Naxxramas has been removed from the game. It has appeared later again in the WotLK expansion. However, there is still a way to get the old T3 set from the Black Market.This service has a very high price due to several facts:

    • Pieces of T3 appear randomly on different realms;
    • It can be acquired only by your character because it is BoP;
    • We should transfer your character and provide enough gold on each realm to be sure that the lot will be yours;

    Can I get Shadowmourne transmog?

    Shadowmourne is a special case. It is a legendary axe for plate classes. However there are more rewards than just an axe to your collection. As a result, you will get:

    • Legendary and Epic Axes for transmog;
    • Tabard;
    • Crimson Deathcharger Mount;
    • 2 Toys: Muradin's Favor and Sylvanas' Music Box;
    • Jaina's Locket - an item that creates a portal to old Dalaran for your party;

    What level can you Transmog?

    You can start using this function at lvl 10.