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    WoW Raid mounts – are one of the most prestigious, rare and hard to get mounts in the game. It doesn't matter if you're going to farm a previous expansion mount, or you want to get one from the retail WoW – you will still find it here, on Overgear. We provide a wide range of mounts to pick from and our sellers will gladly help you with the chosen task.

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        WoW Raid Mounts farming has become popular over the past years. Mounts are means of transport and an object of luxury. Some players decide to buy a wow raid mount boost service to chase the number of mounts, others are trying to buy wow rare mounts farm. Some even seek to pick a mount that fits a transmogrification! As you can see, there are many reasons, but in the end, it all comes to the same thing – "I want this mount!". And sellers on Overgear will gladly help you to get it! Our partners are experienced Mythic raiders, who would kill the boss you need and give you the desired mount. Also, our old-school raiders with the nerves of steel will farm previous content until you get your prize.

        WoW Raid mounts FAQ

        How do I start Mount farming?

        There is no secret way to do it. Still, you can start with 100% drop chance mounts like this one. Then just farm whatever mount you want, but keep in mind that Overgear is always ready to help you with that!

        Does Onyxia still drop a Mount?

        Yes, she does! It's just super rare.

        Can you do Mythic Raid more than once a week?

        You can run raids on any difficulty as many times as you want. But you can get loot from every boss only once per week.

        Is Twilight Drake a 100% drop chance?

        Yes, it is. The only thing here is that Sarth must be killed before all the dragons around him. And don't forget to set up the required raid difficulty! ;D

        How rare is the Azure Drake?

        It's about a 1-2% drop chance.

        What is the Invincible drop rate?

        It has a ~1% drop rate, not much huh? Good luck with that!