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    Shadowlands has brought a lot of new mounts and hot minds of desperate collectors want to get them all! The thing is that farming will take a huge chunk of time reducing the number of useful activities you can do in the game. Don't fall apart trying to cover everything! Entrust grinding to our professionals and get everything you want in the nearest time.

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        WoW Shadowlands Mounts FAQ

        Where do you buy mounts in Shadowlands?

        You can simply buy ones from factions vendors after your hit a certain amount of reputation. Others have a drop chance or can be obtained as an achievement reward.

        How long does it take to get flying in Shadowlands?

        If your character is level 50 it will take slightly over 20 hours to unlock flying in WoW Shadowlands.

        Why can't I fly in WoW anymore?

        There are some zones you can't fly in. For example, you can't fly in Oribos, the Maw and Korthia. Also, you still need to use a fly master to travel between Covenant zones as flying isn't allowed between them.

        Can you buy flying in Shadowlands?

        To unlock flying in Shadowlands you have to hit Renown level 44 and complete chapter 4 of the campaign which is called 'The last Sigil'. Once it is completed you will be rewarded with 'Memories of Sunless Skies'. This item will unlock WoW Shadowlands flying for all the characters of your account. Note that Zereth Mortis flying has its requirements. There is a meta-achievement called Unlocking the Secrets. Once it is completed you are free to fly into the skies of Zereth Mortis.