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    Unfortunately, today players cannot obtain particular Mounts due to the game changes that happened over the past years. Fear not! You can buy WoW TCG mounts on Overgear. They are the rarest mounts from the World of Warcraft Card Game. From extremely rare and most expensive to more common ones, we have everything to extend your collection. Our sellers provide products at the best prices. You can take a look at the Mount you buy in the game before the transaction.

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        There is a unique WoW feature – Warcraft Trading Card Game, which contains cards with loot codes for some in-game items including Mounts. The main point is they are so rare, that some of those mounts are sold at exorbitant prices. But can that stop the most committed collectors? Of course, not. The mere sight of a Spectral Tiger tells quite a lot about its owner. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then this TCG Mount service is your choice!

        WoW TCG Mounts FAQ

        Can you still get WoW TCG mounts?

        Yes, you can find some even at the Auction House but that is quite rare.

        What is the rarest World of Warcraft trading card?

        Spectral Tiger which is the part of the Fires of Outland expansion is the rarest one in the Word of Warcraft Trading Card game. It appears in only 1 out of every ~500 booster packs.

        Do WoW TCG codes still work?

        Yes, they do! They never expire.

        Is WoW TCG Loot legit?

        Yes, of course, it is! You can activate the code anytime in your Battlenet account settings.

        How does WoW TCG Loot work?

        WoW TCG Loot cards contain a unique code under the protective layer. Scratch it away and get your 25 digit code which can be activated in your Battlenet account settings.

        Do they still make WoW TCG?

        On August 23, 2013, TCG cards were discontinued. Which makes sense in current pricing, right?