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    Conqueror Of Azeroth Achievement

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      Conqueror of Azeroth is a meta-achievement that will require you to complete a lot of open-world PvP activities. As a reward, you will get the “Conqueror of Azeroth” title, and, of course, lots of honor kills of the opposite faction's heroes.

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    Conqueror of Azeroth is a prestigious PvP title that shows how good you are at killing the opposite faction players. If the enemy sees you with this title above your head, he would rather avoid you at any cost. This title strikes fear into the hearts of enemies.

    Requirements are the following achievements:

    • Band of Brothers
    • War Supplied
    • Tour of Duty: Vol'dun
    • Tour of Duty: Stormsong Valley
    • Tour of Duty: Zuldazar
    • Bounty Hunting
    • Tour of Duty: Nazmir
    • Tour of Duty: Drustvar
    • Tour of Duty: Tiragarde Sound

    Complete all the achievements listed above, and you will be rewarded with a Conqueror of Azeroth title.

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    Conqueror Of Azeroth
    10 days Order completion