Periodic Destruction Achievement

    Periodic Destruction is an achievement from Patch 8.2 of Battle for Azeroth. To get the achievement, you must defeat all of the creations of Mardivas's Laboratory in Nazjatar. Taking into consideration that you can only kill one of those creations per week, this will take 13 weeks of summons.

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Periodic Destruction Achievement
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Periodic Destruction achievement is based on summoning the mob at the Laboratory of Mardivas. You have to collect several reagents to summon different mobs. And the main thing is that you can do this summon only once per week. 

Here the list of these mobs:
  • Arcane Amalgamation 
  • Burning Amalgamation 
  • Zomera 
  • Osgen 
  • Xue 
  • Spawn of Salgos 
  • Salgos the Eternal 
  • Watery Amalgamation 
  • Dusty Amalgamation 
  • Omus 
  • Moghiea 
  • Ungormath 
  • Herald of Salgos 

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Periodic Destruction Achievement
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