Azerothian Diplomat Achievement

          Azerothian Diplomat Achievement is the Battle for Azeroth reputation meta-achievement. Depending on your faction, the reputations will be different. You will have to achieve revered with 4 main factions of your side, plus Tortollan Seekers.

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          1. Azerothian Diplomat achievement
          2. Revered with all of your BFA factions
          3. For Alliance: 7th Legion, Order of Embers, Proudmore Admiralty, Storms Wake
          4. For Horde: The Honorbound, Voldunai, Zandalari Empire, Talanji's Expedition
          5. For both Factions: Tortollan Seekers, Azerotian Champions
          6. Over 200+ WQ completed
          7. Tons of Azerite
          8. Character 60 lvl on a WoW account;
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Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One, and Part Two should be the main goal for each and any player who’s just started playing BfA or returned after the very beginning of the expansion. It is going to be very difficult to live in Azeroth without flyting ability, especially when every player around you is already in the sky.

Criteria are as followed:
  • Zandalari Empire / Proudmoore Admiralty revered
  • Voldunai / Storm’s Wake revered
  • Talanji’s Expedition / Order of Embers revered
  • The Honorbound / 7th Legion revered
  • Tortollan Seekers revered

Once you complete all 5 conditions you will get the Azerothian Diplomat achievement.

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Azerothian Diplomat Achievement