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    Pit of Heresy Boosting Services

    Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy Boosting Service is one of the most popular PvE activities in Destiny 2. This Dungeon is a complicated, tactically loaded 3-Guardian activity with strong enemies, lots of challenges, puzzles, and the most valuable loot.

    Without Pit of Heresy dungeon boosting service, it is very time-consuming and tough, but worth the activity. We can find you a reliable team, and help you get any weapon or Armor from this dungeon, including dungeon exotic weapon — Xenophage Machine Gun.

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      Pit of Heresy Boost FAQ

      What is Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2?

      Pit of Heresy is a Dungeon, introduced with the Shadowkeep expansion. It requires Guardians to explore The Scarlet Keep to defeat the Hive Champion, Zulmak, Instrument of Torment. All in all, Pit of Heresy is one of the most interesting and challenging PvE activities in Destiny 2. If you need any help with completing this dungeon, you can always buy Pit of Heresy boost at Overgear.

      What loot can you get in Pit of Heresy?

      There are three encounters in Pit of Heresy. But if you want to save your time and get this gear without any problems, just order Pit of Heresy carry at Overgear! Unlike the latter dungeons, Pit of Heresy doesn't have a loot table, so all of its loot can drop randomly from any encounter. The loot includes:

      • Xenophage - Exotic  Machine Gun (Exotic Quest);
      • Apostate - Legendary  Sniper Rifle (Hymn of Desecration reward only);
      • Blasphemer - Legendary  Shotgun (Hymn of Desecration reward only);
      • Heretic - Legendary  Rocket Launcher (Hymn of Desecration reward only);
      • A Fine Memorial - Legendary Machine Gun;
      • Arc Logic - Legendary Auto Rifle;
      • Dream Breaker - Legendary Fusion Rifle;
      • Every Waking Moment - Legendary Submachine Gun;
      • Loud Lullaby - Legendary Hand Cannon;
      • Love and Death - Legendary Grenade Launcher;
      • Night Terror - Legendary Sword;
      • One Small Step - Legendary Shotgun;
      • Premonition - Legendary Pulse Rifle;
      • Tranquility - Legendary  Sniper Rifle.