The Transmog system was a long-awaited addition to the game. It is called an "Armor Synthesis" and it offers players the ability to wear any armor they want without the necessity to sacrifice their power.

The problem is that most of the good-looking armor sets require a huge amount of time to be unlocked. With Overgear you will get a guaranteed set of any armor you want as quickly as possible.

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    What is Armor Synthesis?

    Armor Synthesis is a transmog system in Destiny 2 that offers players the ability to wear any armor their want without losing good stats and perks. You are now able to wear any piece of armor (except Exotic armor) that you have ever found before.

    Yet, D2 transmog system is not as simple as in other games. To unlock it, you have to complete an introduction questline that already takes your free time. Also, you have to farm a necessary amount of Synthcord - a special currency that can be later used for creating a Synthweave. After that, Synthweave is used for creating universal armor templates of your choice. Finally - you have to own an armor you want to transmog. And some armor sets are very difficult to get.

    This process is long, complicated, and sometimes extremely boring. Overgear is here to help you with it.

    Transmog boosting

    With help of professional boosters, you will be able to get any available armor set in the game. Thanks to our services, you are able to make your Guardian look unique without losing its power and abilities.

    We perform quick and effective unlock of Armor Sets, including the newest Iron Banner and Pathfinder sets.


    Some Armor sets can require a high Light level. Additionally, you have to own the latest DLC for most of the sets. Please, check the boosting requirements before making an order.

    Additional Transmog boosting options

    All of our services have a list of additional options, making them highly customizable. You can get a specific piece of armor or a full set depending on your choice.


    How long does it take to get a full armor set for transmog?

    It depends on the armor you want, but most sets can be obtained within a single day after the start of the boost.

    How much Synthweave can I obtain for my character?

    One character can keep no more than 10 Synthweave for one class.

    How do I unlock an Armor Synthesis system?

    You have to complete an introduction quest that can be taken from a Banshee-44. During it, you will visit Ada-1, get basic information about the system, and will obtain your first set for transmog.

    Can I use Exotic armor for Synthesis?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to use Exotic armor as transmogrification.