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    Gambit is a unique PvPvE gamemode in Destiny 2. In it 2 teams with 4 guardians each compete against each other by trying to get as many motes as possible, summoning the Primeval and killing it quicker than other team. Players can also invade other team's zone to try to stop them.

    While this gamemode sounds fun, Gambit also has a lot of problems. The main one - a necessety of a reliable team, as random players cannot effectivly communicate with each other. Gambit bounties are also difficult, and rank requires hours to be increased. Buy Gambit Boost by Overgear and quickly reach a desired gambit rank, complete bounties and unlock seals and triumphs.

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      Destiny 2 Gambit Boosting FAQ

      What is Gambit?

      It's a PvPvE activity that brings a unique experience. It was introduced in the Forsaken expansion. It offers dynamic competitive gameplay that cannot be found in other game modes.

      Gambit is a source of essential rewards, and one of the ways to get weekly gear. However, it is a very difficult mode with a lot of problems.

      Gambit Carry Services

      Our professional boosters are ready to help you to achieve the highest possible results in Gambit. We offer a wide variety of Gambit Carry Services for a cheap price.

      • 10000 Infamy Points - just like in any other activities, each rank in Gambit brings new legendary gear and weapons. Additionally, rank reset is required for some quests, and we are ready to reach maximum rank as quickly as possible;
      • Dredgen Title - this title requires you to complete several Gambit challenges. With our help this title will quickly become yours; 
      • Gilded Gambit Seal - this seal perfectly shows your skill and experience in Gambit.

      We are also ready to unlock weapons that drop only in Gambit.

      Additional Options

      Our Gambit Carry Services has a list of additional options to make them more suitable for narrow tasks. If you don't know what option to choose, contact our online support to get some help.


      The Exact requirements depend on the chosen Gambit boost. However, the game mode itself is available for all guardians after completing a New Light campaign.

      How do you play Gambit?

      You need to kill NPCs a couple of times, they will drop badges, which you need to deliver to the base. During this farm, special portals will open, and you'll be able to prevent your enemies from farming badges. The first team that collects the needed amount of badges, wins.

      Is Gambit popular in Destiny 2?

      Can't say so. Gambit is not as popular as Trials of Osiris, Nightfalls, or other PvP/PvE stuff. But it still can give you lots of valuable loot!