The basics of any MMO-type game. Should we even explain anything? Leveling is for raising your power level, so you can do the end-game activities, and farming is for upgrading your equipment to the best possible state.

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    Is power level important in Destiny 2?

    Of course, it is! Besides leveling in Destiny2 doesn't affect the damage you deal, it's still significant for raids access, for example.

    There are 3 caps in the game: Soft (1270), Powerful (1320), Hard(Pinnacle) (1330). And with 1340+ power lvl, you are finally able to enter Master Lost Sector or Nightmare Hunt!

    How is power level calculated in Destiny 2?

    Overall power level is a weighted average of your weapons, armor, and class item, but each part of the equipment has its own significant role in this:

    • Kinetic Weapon 1/7≈14.3%
    • Helmet 5/42≈11.9%
    • Energy Weapon 1/7≈14.3%
    • Gauntlets 5/42≈11.9%
    • Power Weapon 1/7≈14.3%
    • Chest Armor 5/42≈11.9%
    • Leg Armor 5/42≈11.9%
    • Class Item 2/21≈9.5%

    What is the highest power level in Destiny 2?

    In Season of the Lost highest power level is 1350.