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Dungeons in Destiny 2 are a special PvE activity for three guardians which can be completed solo and flawless, but it's a difficult task that Overgear can complete easily. It is a difficult raid-alike challenge that requires both skill and luck from all members of the fireteam.

Buy Dungeons boost services to complete any challenges and get unique, dungeons-only rewards.

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    Destiny 2 Dungeons FAQ

    What are dungeons in Destiny 2?

    Dungeons in Destiny 2 are, basically, a smaller version of raids. It offers a similarly high difficulty with tactics to learn. Yet, dungeons can be completed by 3 players instead of 6.

    The problem is that dungeons are very difficult to complete and literally impossible to complete solo. More than that, there is no matchmaking for dungeons, so you have to find a team by yourself. This is where Overgear boosting services come to the scene.

    Dungeons Carry Services

    With help of our professional boosters, you will be able to complete any dungeon currently available in the game.

    Prophecy dungeon is one of the most popular choices, being a constant source of good and rare rewards. Completion of the Prophecy dungeon is also a requirement for weekly rewards. It is also a dungeon where you can get current meta legendary weapons.

    Additional Options

    Each of our Dungeons Boosting Services has a list of extra options to make it suitable for everyone. For example, we can unlock 2 secret chests during Prophecy Dungeon run to guarantee you extra rewards.


    Prophecy Dungeon boost is available for any player. Pit of Heresy dungeon boost is available only for owners of the Shadowkeep DLC, and Shattered Throne dungeon boost can be purchased by owners of the Forsaken DLC. For Grasp of Avarice you need to have Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack and for Duality - Dungeon Key of Witch Queen Deluxe Edition.

    How long does it take to complete the dungeon in Destiny 2?

    Our boosters can complete any dungeon in the game within an hour after the start of the boost.

    How do I start a dungeon?

    You can simply choose a necessary dungeon on the map. Yet, remember that there is no matchmaking for dungeons, and you have to create and assemble a fireteam by yourself.