Deep Stone Crypt Raid

The best PvE shotgun and sniper rifle from Deep stone crypt are waiting for you!

High-stat armor sets, new legendary weapons, and lots of valuable loot dropped during the runs - it all can be yours! Get the Deep Stone Crypt raid completion on Overgear!

You can buy a Monthly subscription — you pay for 4 raids and get 1 free run! You will get 5 total runs for one Guardian with a discount.

Note: Flawless Run is available only for Piloted boosting.


  • With secret chests - our boosters will unlock all secret chests of the raid during the boost;
  • Flawless Run - flawless run is a completion of the raid without a single death. This option available only for Piloted mode;
  • Eyes of Tomorrow guaranteed - we will unlock you an exotic rocket launcher during the boost;
  • Full Raid Armor Set - if you want to replenish your transmogs collection, this is a perfect option for you;
  • Descendant Title (full raid seal) - unlocking of this title requires a completion of several difficult challenges, and our boosters are ready to help you with it;
  • Monthly subscription 4+1 - pay for 4 raids and get an additional 1 with this option;
  • Weekly challenge - completion of the weekly challenge to get additional rewards;
  • With a live stream - perfectly suitable for piloted boosting. With it you can watch the boosting process online in real time.


  • Deep Stone Crypt raid run completed;
  • Chance to get the exotic rocket launcher — Eyes of Tomorrow;
  • Chance to get the top PvE legendary shotgun — Heritage;
  • Chance to get the top PvE legendary sniper rifle — Succession.
  • All additional drop that you obtain during the quest;
  • Bonus experience and boosting of your artifact and season pass level.


        • Choose extra options if needed, and place an order;
        • we'll contact you in the live chat or via email;
        • order completion will be started within 30 minutes or in the agreed time;
        • if you chose the piloted method, our booster will take your character (using VPN). In the case of the self-play option, you'll be simply invited to the boosters party in the game;
        • we'll start completing the Deep Stone Crypt raid;
        • if you chose extra options, we'll keep them in mind and complete them too. For example, we'll find and open all the secret chests if the corresponding option has been selected;
        • we'll notify you about the order completion or you'll see it by yourself;
        • enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.


      • Destiny 2 account with Beyond Light DLC;
      • 1260+ base light to start the raid.

Please note that recently developers changed their security and in-game surveillance system and could issue account suspension for some activities. We cannot affect their actions in any possible way. So we take every precaution available to avoid the risks that are involved. Make sure to follow all instructions of our managers and boosters before and during your order.

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You'll get all additional gear and resources that will drop during the completion

What is Deep Stone Crypt

It is one of the Destiny 2 raids, the original source of all the Exos, located on Europa planet.


Is it possible to solo deep stone crypt?

Can you start it solo? Yes. But is it possible to complete it solo? Well, it will be a very tough task. Even if you have a full team of players it can be really hard to complete the raid. So we offer you to play with professional players instead of it!

Where is the deep stone crypt?

It is located on Europa, you can start the raid by clicking on it.

How hard is the deep stone crypt?

If you are under 1250 light lvl, it will be barely impossible to complete the raid. If you are higher than 1250 light, it will be easier, but you still need to be alert during the whole raid run!

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Run

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