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    Buy any type of Apex Legends rank boosting! We can boost your rank in normal or arena mode. Our services are adjustable - you're able to pick your exact current rating and go up to a Predator via the slider. We also have a self-play option - our player will be your teammate and will carry you to the desired rating.

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      Apex Legends rank boosts FAQ

      Are your services safe?

      Our players all available security measures to make your boost safe. All our Apex Boosting services are done through VPN proxies. We never use any cheats, hacks, or third-party software. Only fair play. So buy our Apex rank boost services with no worries.

      Can I play with my booster?

      Yes, by choosing the self-play option our booster becomes your awesome teammate until you'll reach the desired rank.

      Can I watch the booster play with the piloted option?

      Yes. The live streaming option is available for extra payment on top of your order. You can also ask for the record of this play if you want to.

      How can I get to Apex Predator rank?

      Apex Predator is the top-750 (normal mode) or top-500 (arena mode) players from Master rank on each platform. Master rank requires a lot of points, and getting to a Predator rank will require even more. It will also take a lot of your time, tactical and shooting skills, and last, but not least - great teammates. If you are tired of potato-aims that steal are no good, we will help you get through this tough part and obtain your desirable rank without a headache! Keep in mind, that only 0.2 percent of players have Predator rank in Apex Legends. This is no easy task so consider getting our Apex Legends rank boost right now!