Get the most fearsome badges in Apex Legends, some may be obtained even in a single match. Badges are what you install to your legend's banner, they show how good you are. Having 20 kills or a 4k damage badge is a total flex, trust us :) They will shiver.

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    About our Apex Legends Badge services

    How do we provide our services?

    We provide our services through pilot mode. This means that you give access to your account and our professional player completes the desired task. In this category, we'll deliver the completion of certain achievements, called Badges. To complete them, you'll have to do certain things in matches like, killing a certain amount of players or dealing a certain amount of damage. This can be a difficult task for many players, that is why you should buy our Apex Badge boost right now and get these cool badges.

    Can you get banned for boosting in Apex Legends?

    You can be banned in Apex legends for unfair gameplay. Cheating is obviously the main reason for getting banned. All our services are delivered via fair play. So you can stop worrying about it and get our Apex Legends boosting services right now!