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Buy Apex Predator boost for any legend. Become a top-750 player. Apex Predator means that you became one of the best players in this game. Winning a single game can be hard on its own, but winning so many games is just another level! Very few players can do that, but ours definitely can!

It's crazy how much luck you'll need to get this rank on your own. You'll need tons of attempts to even get close to getting it. Consider how much time you'll have to waste to get this rank. With it you'll be one of the top players in the game. That's why we provide our services, so you would be able to get this rare badge and spend as little time as possible getting it.


  • Apex Predator rank on the legend of choice;
  • Lots of experience gained for your battle pass/account level;
  • Some other badges and quests may be completed during the boost.


  • Stream - pick this option to see how our booster executes your order live. Stream record is available.
  • After the purchase, we will contact you via live chat or e-mail to schedule it;
  • Order execution will be started at the agreed time;
  • Our booster will take your character. There's no self-play option for this offer;
  • We'll notify you about the order completion or you'll see it yourself;
  • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.

You will get

Become top-500 player
24/7 support service
5 stars on Trustpilot

Apex Legends Predator ranked FAQ

What is Apex Legends Predator?

Apex Predator is the highest rank in this game. Almost no player can achieve it in their whole playthrough of this game. This is the hardest challenge. You'll need to break through many rage quits and tears while getting higher on the rank ladder. Many players will come your way. Especially bad teammates, who will ruin most of your game by throwing away the game in the first minutes. No to mention all of the RNG aspects of the Battle Royale mode. In conclusion. For you to get this rank without obtaining brain damage, you can buy our Apex Legends Predator ranked account carry services and forget about all of this nonsense.

Who is the current 1 Apex Predator?

Keon “Keoon” Berghout is an American streamer who was an ex-junior college basketball player. He dropped his basketball scholarship after getting his Associates’s degree. He is currently the number one Apex Predator in Apex Legends with a Rank score of 77,278. He is a Bloodhound main and has played for the Atlanta-based esports organization - Rare Xcellence. If you ask us, can you carry me to Apex Predator? The answer is yes. Buy our Apex Legends Predator ranked boost.

Price and delivery

Our Apex Legends Predator boost services are available for higher execution speed. This means that our pro-players will concentrate on your order and will complete it twice as fast. The price of our Apex Legends Predator ranked carry offer can be changed based on additional options you choose.

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