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Buy Apex rank boost to any rank, even to a Predator! Bronze - Diamond rank climb can be done in less than 3 days. If you're tired of dumb teammates that can't do a thing, look no further - we also have a self-play option for our Apex rank carry service.

Our PROs will deliver this service as fast as possible. Any Rank will be achieved in the shortest amount of time. Even if you want a predator rank, our PROs will be able to get you up there in the shortest time out there. If you'll buy Predator Rank, you'll get it with a 100% guarantee. Any platform is available. We have PROs who specialized in different platforms. Our services are absolutely safe. No cheats or bots are used.


  • BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: Get a 10% discount;
  • Desired Rank;
  • High Stats during the match;
  • Experience to raise your account Level;
  • Seasonal ranked rewards such as Dive Trail and Account Badge;
  • Some badges and quests may be completed during the boost.


    • Normala first-come, first-served basis;
    • Express 30% faster completion with a high priority with a start in an 1-2 hours;
    • Super Express.— for this order, we will take the dedicated pro booster for Apex rank boost and finish this offer 40% faster, and you will get a free live stream.


  • I want a specific legend - pick this option if you want to get to the desired rank with the legend you want;
  • 20 Kills Badge - pick this option to also get a 20 kills badge on your legend;
  • 4k damage badge - pick this option to also get a 4k damage badge on your legend;
  • Coaching for 2h - get this option so our PRO would help you to stay on the obtained rank;
  • Stream - pick this option to see how our booster is executing your order live. Stream record is available.
  • After the purchase, we will contact you via live chat or e-mail to schedule it;
  • Order execution will be started at the agreed time;
  • If you chose the piloted method, our booster will take your character. In the case of the self-play option, you will simply be invited to the booster's squad in the game.
  • We'll notify you about the order completion or you'll see it yourself;
  • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.


Any rank for your profile
24/7 support service
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Apex Legends Rank Boost FAQ

What is Apex Rank Boost?

In our Apex Legends Rank Boosting services we can boost you up to the desired rank with our team of professional players. With this team you can relax and forget about annoying randoms in your team or bad RNG with the loot around your drop zone. You can ask for a self-play option and ask for a single or a duo boosters with your team. This will help you not only to get up to the desired rank but also give you a perspective how a real pro can should play. So consider buying our Apex Legends Rank carry service.

How can I get to Apex Predator rank?

Apex Predator is the top-750 player from Master rank on each platform. Master starts at 10 000 RP, and getting to this top-750 will most likely require you to get 15 000+ RP. It will require a huge amount of time, tactical and shooting skills, but most importantly - great teammates. If you are tired of potato-aims that steal your loot and don't help you in fights, then we will help you get through this tough part and obtain your desirable rank without a headache!

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