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The true Burning Crusade Classic experience lays beyond the level 70! Leveling in BCC is pure hardcore - if you’re playing 4 hours per day every day, it will take you roughly 2 months to get from 1 to 70. That’s just insane.

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      World of Warcraft TBC Classic is famous for its long and exhausting leveling process. It takes weeks, sometimes even months to reach level 60. During this time you will come across thousands of quests of varying complexity; dozens of thousands of mobs and NPCs to interact with; hours upon hours spent on reaching certain locations and spots, and miles of texts to read.

      This F.A.Q. is like a Burning Crusade Leveling guide. In 2004 and 2005 it was something new and completely unexplored. As for today, we can say for sure that there is nothing left to learn about TBC classic wow. Of course, 15 years have passed already! And still, people want to return back to those days. That is why TBC Vanilla is so popular nowadays. The feeling of nostalgia drags people right into it. There is nothing to be ashamed of, it is a common thing, and people feel it in different ways. But besides those feelings, some of you might have forgotten about time investment in leveling part. This is quite a long process, indeed. The question is, do you have that huge amount of time and inner energy to get to the cap?

      Fortunately, you have a chance to buy our wow boosting right now. Use the Overgear service and get your WoW Burning Crusade Classic Character boost right away! You don't have to spend weeks in front of your computer – our professional drivers will do it for you. We only work with the pro players and offer the best deals on the market. There are no intermediaries, only direct sellers. All of the deals are absolutely safe. We have hundreds of satisfied customers – feel free to see their feedback on our services. Join us for the first-hand experience! We’ve got our own ranking system. Once the order is completed customers leave a comment and rate the services.

      Also, we have external rating sources such as Trustpilot. Using both of them you can decide what services you'd like to get and from which booster. Some services can be done without account sharing, so we suggest you check the list of services for each chosen booster. Most of the time, services with selfplay are more expensive. In WoW TBC Classic, most of the leveling boosting is done with account sharing because the main purpose of this service is to save your time.

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      Why leveling is tough?

      Now let's find out why is leveling in WoW TBC Classic so hard? Different classes have not so many options to kill mobs fast or make AoE pulls, except for the frost mages. That’s why any questing or dungeon spamming can’t be as fast as in the retail version. This is the reason why wow TBC classic power leveling exists from the very early days of WoW itself. It simply gives you an opportunity not to bother yourself with such a timewasting leveling process.

      A lot of people value their personal time very high and it is a good way to save it and still get the desired level with wow Burning Crusade classic power leveling. Imagine how much free time you will get with a power leveling service! Usually, leveling takes at least 3-4 weeks of evening gameplay without hardcore elements of pro players. With WoW TBC Classic leveling carry service all these evenings during this month will be free for some more pleasant stuff. That's a lot of time for other games or any other IRL activities, like visiting friends and spending more time with family, while our boosters are doing their job.

      Also, you should know about the additional options for our services of wow TBC Vanilla WoW powerleveling. For example, we have bundles that include leveling to 60 plus 2 professions to 300, or 60% – 100% mount. We can also complete all raid attunements upon reaching level 60. If you’d like to have a special combo of boosting services, we can create a custom bundle especially for you and it will contain everything you want. It can even contain services for different WoW versions at the same time – for TBC Classic and Retail.

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      Can you really boost me from 1 to 60 in a week?

      Yes, that’s our ultra-fast leveling option. But you can choose speeds between 1 and 4 weeks. Anyway, this will be faster than doing it yourself.

      What if my booster will scam me?

      He won’t get paid until you confirm that boost is completed, so this situation simply can’t happen!