Your level 70 is nothing if you don't have the proper gear! Your stats and numbers really matter. On this page, you'll find gearing options for anything - Pre-Raid Gear, Fire or Nature Resist Gear, Tier Sets, and even Legendaries. Get geared at Overgear - this is the best way to make your character stronger!

Note: WotLK Classic is ready to release on September 26. Check out our WotLK Gearing services.

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    Every World of Warcraft player wants to be better than others in this or that way. Some create the most redoubtable PvE characters; some slaughter thousands of other players to get 14th rank in PvP; some collect Mounts, and some - gear and Legendary items. Unfortunately, you cannot simply buy WoW Classic Sulfuras or Thunderfury like you would buy another riding Wolf. Or can you? You definitely can, and Overgear is the best platform for such form of shopping. You can buy any WoW Classic gear or Item of your choice. You can also buy WoW Classic Legendary any time! Overgear only deals with trusted sellers, so you are 100% safe. Apart from that, we have the lowest prices on the market as we work with sellers directly without any third-party companies. Just imagine yourself wearing an epic set and carrying a legendary weapon. Isn't it the ultimate dream?

    How to get Full Blue Gear in TBC Classic?

    Gearing in TBC is a tough process that requires a lot of grind from you. However, to get powerful BiS gear you have to play activities in PvP or PvE. That can take a lot of time farming strong items but here is Overgear to help you with that. With us, you can do your business and enjoy only the end results. We will easily rush dungeons, raids or get more rank in PvP to reach Gladiator.

    Why should I buy TBC Gear?

    The answer is simple – the better your gear, the faster you progress through dungeons and raids to get your reward. Also, it will be much easier for you to find a group for dungeon or raid with high-lvl gear.

    What can Overgear offer me?

    You can choose the desired gearing:

    • Pre-raid BiS gear – ideal if you want to complete raids by yourself;
    • Arena Set Season 2 – this set let your character be one of the most powerful in your realm in PvP;
    • PvP Reputations Set – this can be used in PvP but it is hard to get. First, you need to get the desired level of reputation.
    • Other offers you might be interested in.

    Wouldn't it be easier to buy a boost right away in raids and dungeons?

    Yes, it is. But in that case, you are losing a significant portion of your content. TBC Gearing is ideal for those who want to run dungeons or raids by themselves or to improve his character in PvP.