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Buy Duality Weapons Pack and get all dungeon weapons with a significant discount here and now. These weapons are a must-have for any guardian's collection, and all these weapons in one place are guaranteed without weeks of farm with a great discount. 

Duality brought us six new guns, these weapons were brought in Destiny 2 with new sounds, design, and great archetype, two of these weapons are well known to the community because of their design and benefits in PvP and PvE - Fixed Odds and Epicurean.


  • Stormchaser — Linear Fusion Rifle and DPS King in any activity for any meta with Stasis Wells;
  • Unforgiven — one of the best Void SMGs;
  • Fixed Odds — "Invaders Machine Gun" for Gambit;
  • Lingering Dread — Grenade Launcher with a possible great Stasis roll;
  • New Purpose —"PvP Beast" Pulse Rifle;
  • The Epicurean — Fusion Rifle with a great possible range for PvP;
  • Chance to get Hearthshadow Exotic Sword;
  • Lots of additional drops of weapons above during farm;
  • Duality Dungeon armor with high stats;
  • A lot of experience for your season pass.


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  • Hearthshadow Guaranteed we'll farm Hearthshadow exotic sword for you;
  • All collectibles — we'll steal all 12 Calus's repressed messages from this dungeon, and you will get Mind Heist triumph and increased drop chance for Hearthshadow Exotic Sword;
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  • Destiny 2 Account with the Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or Dungeon Key from Eververse;
  • 1560+ Power Level.


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