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    Hung Jury SR4 Adept Boost

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    Buy Hung Jury SR4 and obtain a great PvE Scout Rifle in no time — one of the best scout rifles from original Destiny and Destiny 2 is back, and you can obtain it with the best rolls right now with our services!

    Overgear offers you the best service on the market to get a Hung Jury D2 boost as you wish. The Hung Jury SR4 has a Precision Frame, deals Kinetic damage, and has 180 RPM.


    • Any number and version of the Hung Jury SR4.
    • Or God Roll with the chosen perks;
    • Chance to obtain Ascendant Shards;
    • Chance to obtain Exotic gear;
    • Chance to get Nightfall Memento;
    • Chance to obtain Enhancement Prisms;
    • Vanguard Reputation;
    • All items and resources that might drop during this farm;
    • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.


    We complete 80% of Nightfalls in a few hours, but you might want to modify the order:

    • Normal — available boosters will work on a first-come, first-served basis;
    • Express — a separate and always free team will complete the order;
    • Super Express — for these boosters nightfall is as easy as shelling peas, get the job done ASAP.

    Buying shortly before the weekly reset? Consider picking the Express option. In case of delays, we will compensate with extras and the next Grandmaster Nightfall order priority.


      Overgear offers you to customize your order and choose the desired version of weapon: standard with the desired perk roll or god roll with an opportunity to customize the gun for your tasks.

          • Random Roll — a weapon with random perk combos;
          • Desired perks — we will get you a weapon with the desired perk roll up to four perks;
          • God roll version — our professional players and community shared their best PvE and PvP perks for you to buy The Hung Jury SR4 god roll. According to statistics, god rolls drop with a ~ 5% chance, so we will farm until you get the desired perks or 25 weapons;
          • Stream — we will stream all the farming processes for you.
    • Destiny 2 account with all DLCs;
    • Guardian with a 1770 Power Level/1820 for Adept Version;
    • Note: If your guardian doesn't have the required power level, this service will cost more due to the difficulty. We don't level up your character's power lvl. Please, use our power leveling service.
    • We will discuss all the details and set the time with you in our live chat or by email;
    • The professional team will take your character for the piloted The Militia's Birthright D2 boosting;
    • You also can join their fireteam for self-play;
    • We will create a Discord chat where you can communicate with your manager and track the order;
    • In the Hung Jury SR4 god roll boost, we will farm until you get it or 25 weapons in total;
    • We'll notify you about the Hung Jury SR4 Boosting completion;
    • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.


    Fantastic PvE Scout Rifle
    Online Support 24/7
    Trustpilot 5.0 score
    Hung Jury SR4
    Executuion options
    Weapon Version
    Number of Weapons
    6 hours Order completion