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Fury Warrior in Shadowlands

Fury Warrior is a berserk that charges into the battle with 2 two-handed weapons like they’re a 1-handed weapons. 

Just like any other spec, Fury Warriors use only one resource – Rage. Rage accumulates each time, the character successes at auto attacks, or uses certain abilities. There are, of course, other abilities that spend the accumulated Rage.

Let us have a closer look at the strong and weak points of this specialization.


  • A good target switch without DPS loss;
  • A strong cleave towards three or more targets;
  • Mobility;
  • Survivability;
  • Defensive skills for other party/raid members.


  • Poor single-target damage;
  • Poor cleave towards two targets (in case other, but Venthyr covenant was chosen);
  • Monotonous gameplay over expansions.

The Author

Laevate1nn – raider from the Exorsus guild since 2018. Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/laevate1nn


Main Abilities


General information. Each time you reach a certain level, you’ll get access to a new line of talents that is usually called ‘Tier’. You may choose only one talent among the three. Talents may have different effects on abilities: add new features, replace old ones, passively modify different effects and spells. Talents can be changed in Sanctuaries or at any recreational zone. However, if you don’t have any of those places nearby you can use the Tome of the Tranquil Mind, which allows you to switch talents over one minute. You can’t change talents in combat and while the chosen talent is on Cooldown – you’ll have to wait until it’s restored first.

Tier 1. Lvl 15.Fury Warrior 9.0.5 Guide

  1. War Machine – Your auto attacks generate 20% more Rage. Killing an enemy instantly generates 10 Rage, and increases your movement speed by 30% for 8 seconds. Note that your strike should not be necessarily fatal, it just should be done at the last second of their lives.

Right now this talent will be a bad choice, as generated 10 Rage is not enough even if you’d face several enemies at once.

  1. Sudden Death – Your attacks have a chance to make your next Execute cost no Rage, and be usable on any target regardless of their health. Perfectly combines with Condemn.
  2. Fresh MeatBloodthirst has a 15% increased chance to trigger Enrage. The first usage of Bloodthirst against an opponent activates Enrage. May be used without the Venthyr Covenant.

Tier 2. Lvl 25.Fury Warrior 9.0.5 Guide

  1. Double TimeCharge has now 2 charges, and its cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.
  1. Impending Victory – Replaces Victory Rush. Spends 10 Rage, deals small Physical Damage, and restores 30% of your maximum health. Killing an enemy that yields experience or honor resets the cooldown of the ability.
  1. Storm Bolt – Hurls your weapon at an enemy within 20 yards. Causes small Physical damage and stuns the target for 4 seconds. Cooldown – 30 seconds.

Use Double Time for raid purposes, as it increases your mobility. For Mythic+ Dungeons use Storm Bolt due to its additional stun.

Tier 3. Lvl 30.Fury Warrior 9.0.5 Guide

  1. Massacre Execute is now usable on targets below 35% Health, and its cooldown is reduced by 1.5 seconds.

This is the best choice for Mythic+ Dungeons and for single targets in case the Venthyr ability Condemn is chosen. Thus the Execute will be available earlier, which, in its turn increases the DPS.

  1. Frenzy Rampage increases your Haste by 3% for 12 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. A weak talent.
  1. Onslaught – Brutally attack an enemy dealing physical damage. Requires Enrage and generates 15 Rage. May be used outside of Venthyr Covenant in combination with Cruelty and Reckless Abandon.

Tier 4. Lvl 35.Fury Warrior 9.0.5 Guide

  1. Furious Charge – your next Charge after Bloodthirst increases the incoming healing by 250%.
  1. Bounding Stride – Reduces the Cooldown on Heroic Leap by 15 seconds; increases your run speed by 70% for 3 seconds after landing.
  1. Warpaint – You now take only 10% reduced damage while Enrage is active.

Warpaint is the best choice, as it increases your vitality.

Use Bounding Stride if you need more mobility or you can not use Charge in combat.

Furious Charge is useless in raids or Mythic+ but is suitable for an open world.

Tier 5. Lvl 40.Fury Warrior 9.0.5 Guide

  1. Seethe Bloodthirst generates 2 more Rage, or 4 more Rage when it critically strikes your primary target.
  1. Frothing BerserkerRampage has a 20% chance to immediately refund 20 Rage. A strong talent.
  1. Cruelty – While Enraged, Raging Blow deals 20% more damage and has a 30% chance to instantly reset its own Cooldown. May be used without the Venthyr Covenant.

Tier 6. Lvl 45. Fury Warrior 9.0.5 Guide

  1. Meat CleaverWhirlwind  deals 30% more damage and affects your next 4 single-target melee attacks, instead of the next 2 attacks. A weak talent.
  1. Dragon Roar – You create a roar, dealing Physical damage to all enemies within 8 yards and reducing their speed to 50% for 6 seconds.

Despite being an AoE talent mainly, Dragon Roar may be used in a raid, because it deals good damage even into one target.

  1. Bladestorm – Grants you with a new skill that strikes 8 targets within 8 yards over 6 seconds. While under Bladestorm you become immune to movement impairing and loss of control effects but can use defensive abilities and avoid attacks.

Dragon Roar is a usual choice for both single and AoE targets, as it has no target limitations. A strong talent.

Tier 7. Lvl 50.Fury Warrior 9.0.5 Guide

  1. Anger Management – Each 20 Rage you spend reduces the remaining cooldown on Recklessness for 1 second.
  1. Reckless Abandon – Generates 50 Rage. Deals two times more damage and generates two times more Rage for Bloodthirst and Raging Blow. Adds a new effect to them.
  1. Siegebreaker – you break the enemy’s defenses, dealing Physical damage, and increasing your damage done to the target by 15% for 10 seconds. This is the best choice in raids and Mythic+ Dungeons.

So, we can boil it all down to the following builds

A multi-purpose build in cooperation with the Venthyr Covenant for raids and Mythic+ Dungeons will be Sudden Death, Double Time, Massacre, Warpaint, Frothing Berserker, Dragon Roar, Anger Management (for AoE targets in combination with the Legendary Effect Deathmaker, or on concrete bosses in raids), Siegebreaker (without the Legendary Effect Deathmaker, or on concrete raid bosses, where the decreasing of Burst Cooldowns is not important and where there are no additional targets).

Another build (without the cooperation with the Venthyr Covenant): Fresh Meat, Double Time, Onslaught, Warpaint, Cruelty, Dragon Roar, Reckless Abandon. This is the alternative build for single targets. Still may be used in Mythic+, but will lose to the Venthyr one.



  • The Venthyr ability Condemn replaces the Execute, hitting enemies with 100%-80% of Health with Shadow damage, which means the enemies’ armor will be ignored.

Condemn perfectly combines with Massacre; demonstrates good results on Cleave bosses in raids and Mythic+ dungeons. The healing aspect of the Venthyr Covenant should also be taken into consideration: even though it is stronger in Arms specialization than in Fury, it still heals good enough.

  • Door of Shadows – A casting blink with a perfect potential, such as skipping mobs in Mythic+ dungeons, and overcoming certain boss mechanics (ex. Queen Azshara).


  • Spear of Bastion – Throw a Kyrian spear at the target location, dealing instant Arcane damage and additional damage over 4 seconds. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets. Enemies hit are tethered to Spear of Bastion‘s location for the whole time duration.

This is a rather good ability for AoE and single-targeted raid bosses, whose mechanic does not include high damage figures throughout the first 20% of their lives. It also produces much more Rage over GCD than any other ability.

  • Summon Steward – Calls your steward to bring you a Phial of Serenity. Has 4 minutes Cooldown. This skill may appear as useless, but the additional heal is always to the point. It also removes different types of Debuffs and Bleeding effects, which is very helpful in many in-game aspects.

Night Fae

  • Ancient Aftershock – Unleash a wave of anima, dealing Nature damage to up to 5 enemies and knocking them down for 1.5 sec. The ground will continue to expel anima, dealing Nature damage to up to 5 enemies and generating 16 Rage per enemy over 12 seconds. Every 3 seconds targets are briefly knocked down.

This ability looks a lot like the Spear of Bastion but deals slightly more damage with a longer Cooldown. The Spear gives more DPS if it is used on Cooldown, but the Rage extension is steady – plus 25. The Ancient Aftershock meantime may generate up to 180 Rage over 12 seconds, depending on the number of wounded enemies.

  • Soulshape – Turns you into a Vulpin, teleporting 15 yards forward and increasing your movement speed by 50%. You may reactivate a Soulshape every second over 12 seconds to teleport again. This is an additional sprint and blink for a highly mobile class.


  • Conqueror’s Banner – Places the Conqueror’s Banner in the ground, granting 20% maximum Health and 10% critical strike chance to you and 2 allies within 15 yards of the banner for 20 seconds. Every 30 Rage spent and each enemy killed grants you Glory. Glory increases your critical strike damage by 1% per effect, up to 30% for 30 seconds. Cooldown – 3 minutes.

An average buff for you and two allies inside a limited area with a huge Cooldown time.

  • Fleshcraft – Forms a shield of flesh over 4 seconds that absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum health. Channeling near a corpse claims their essence to grow the shield, up to 50% of your maximum health. This is most effective against powerful enemies.

A surprisingly strong ability; it is even better than the Phial of Serenity. May be incredibly useful during combat with those raid bosses, who periodically deal enormous damage. But Fury Warriors already have quite many defensive skills.

Soulbinds and Conduits

Below you may find the most interesting conduits and their descriptions.

Potency Conduits:

Finesse Conduit:

Endurance Conduits:



Nadjia the Mistblade – She gives you possibilities to develop 2 or 3 Potency Conduits and owns two significant skills, which are:

Dauntless Duelist – The first enemy you damage in combat is marked as your Adversary. You deal 4% more damage to them, and they deal 2% less damage to you. You may only have one Adversary at a time.

Note, that you will have only 2 Potency Conduits in this case.

Thrill Seeker – While in combat, you gain a stack of Thrill Seeker every 2 seconds, or 4 stacks on killing an enemy. At 40 stacks the Thrill Seeker effect is consumed to grant you Euphoria, increasing your Haste by 20% for 10 seconds. Thrill Seeker effect decays rapidly while you are not in combat.

Theotar the Mad Duke – He gives you possibilities to develop 2 or 3 Potency Conduits and owns two significant skills, which are:

Soothing Shade – Your spells and abilities have a chance to call Tubbins and Gubbins NPCs with a parasol in their hands to your side for 12 seconds. Standing in the shaded area grants you 350 Mastery.

Note, that you will have only 2 Potency Conduits in this case.

Wasteland Propriety – Activating your Condemn signals the start of tea time, granting 10% Versatility to you, and 4% Versatility to up to 4 nearby allies. Lasts 10 seconds. You may have your tea once per minute.

General Draven – He should be a good choice for those who want to advance survival value and for PvP purposes. DDs won’t find anything interesting here.


Pelagos – He gives you possibilities to develop 2 or 3 Potency Conduits and owns two significant skills, which are:

Let Go of the Past – Using a spell or ability increases your Versatility by 1% for 10 seconds. Using another spell or ability increases this amount by 1% when it is not a repeat of the previous spell or ability, stacking to 5%.

Combat MeditationSpear of Bastion increases your Mastery by 5% for 20 seconds and occasionally expels Sorrowful Memories. Walking through Sorrowful Memories extends this effect by 3 seconds.

Kleia doesn’t have any meaningful abilities for Damage Dealers.

Forgelite Prime Mikanikos – He gives you possibilities to develop 2 or 3 Potency Conduits and owns two significant skills, which are:

Hammer of Genesis – Damaging a new enemy grants you 2% Haste for 10 seconds, up to 5 stacks.

Note, that you will have only 2 Potency Conduits in this case.

Bron’s Call to Action – After using 90 damaging or healing spells and abilities, your next spell or ability summons Bron, who will knockback and attack enemies, and heal your targets for 30 seconds.


Plague Deviser Marileth doesn’t have any meaningful abilities for Damage Dealers.

Emeni – He gives you possibilities to develop 2 or 3 Potency Conduits and owns two significant skills, which are:

Gnashing Chompers – Gain 1% Haste for 20 seconds after defeating an enemy, stacks up to 5%.

Note, that you will have only 2 Potency Conduits in this case.

Lead by ExampleConqueror’s Banner increases your Primary Stat by 5% and nearby allies’ primary stat by 2% for 10 sec. You gain an additional 5% for your Primary Stat for each ally affected, up to 15%.

Bonesmith Heirmir – He gives you possibilities to develop 2 or 3 Potency Conduits and owns one significant skill:

Heirmir’s Arsenal: Marrowed Gemstone – After landing 10 critical strikes, you gain a 12% increased chance to critical strike for 10 sec. May only occur once per 50 sec.

Note, that you will have only 2 Potency Conduits in this case.

Night Fae

Niya – She gives you possibilities to develop 2 or 3 Potency Conduits and owns three significant skills:

Niya’s Tools: Burrs – Your damaging attacks and spells have a chance to toss Niya’s Spiked Burrs under your target. The burrs latch onto the first enemy to cross them, reducing movement speed by 20% and inflicting Nature damage over 6 seconds.

Note, that you will have only 2 Potency Conduits in this case.

Niya’s Tools: Poison – Your interrupts apply Niya’s Paralytic Poison to your target, dealing Nature damage over 30 seconds. Targets with Niya’s Paralytic Poison take additional Nature damage if interrupted once more.

Grove Invigoration – Healing or dealing damage has a chance to grant you a stack of Redirected Anima, up to 10. Ancient Aftershock grants you 1% maximum health and 35 Mastery per stack for 30 seconds.

Dreamweaver doesn’t have any meaningful abilities for Damage Dealers.

Korayn gives you possibilities to develop 2 or 3 Potency Conduits and owns two significant skills:

First Strike – Damaging an enemy before they damage you increase your chance to have a critical strike by 20% for 10 seconds.

Note, that you will have only 2 Potency Conduits in this case.

Wild Hunt Tactics – Your damage to targets above 75% Health and healing to targets below 35% Health are increased by 10%. When your spells and abilities are enhanced this way, you gain a 10% increased movement speed for 5 seconds.


Fury Warriors may have 16 Legendary Item Effects on the whole. Let us emphasize the best and good ones.

Below are represented the good legendaries:

Both effects have good bonuses, but time limitation makes them close to useless in the majority of in-game aspects.

  • Seismic Reverberation – If Whirlwind hits 3 or more enemies, it hits them 1 additional time.

This is a fruitless effect right now because players use Whirlwind for obtaining Rampage and Bloodthirst cleave Buffs.

This effect has an interesting potential, but will not be very usable, as it is not recommendable to have an automatic Bladestorm apply without the Rampage.

  • Misshapen Mirror – Spell Reflection lasts 60% longer, and applies to your nearest ally.

And now let’s have a look at the best Legendary Item Effects:

Those are two excellent effects. The reduced cooldown of Recklessness isn’t always for good, especially if it is not synchronized with the Siegebreaker. Yet it matches the new Reckless Abandon ability. Meanwhile, the reduction of the Recklessness cooldown may be quite effective on certain raid bosses. Randomly appeared from Rampage, the Siegebreaker ability matches the Anger Management and Reckless Abandon ability.

There are also a couple of interesting not class-related Legendary Item Effects. Here they are:

  • Echo of Eonar – Summons a spiritual familiar to your side. Your spells and abilities have a chance to send your familiar to a nearby ally, increasing their damage and healing by 10% for 15 seconds. If no allies are present, your familiar will flock towards your nearest enemy, increasing your damage against them by 8% for 15 seconds.

An interesting ability for either the whole raid party or for particular classes.

  • Sephuz’s Proclamation – Reduce the effectiveness of crowd controlling effects by 10%. Successfully applying a loss of control effect to an enemy, interrupting an enemy, or dispelling any target will increase all your secondary stats for 15 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.

The spell may become quite popular in Mythic+ dungeons and in those situations, where the combat is expected to drag on.

If you own other than the above described Legendary Effects and would love to know which one is better for you – use the Simcraft addon.

Race selection:Fury Warrior 9.0.5 Guide


Basic priorities:


Rampage (when it is available);

Execute (upon the activation of Sudden Death);

Siegebreaker (on CD);


Raging Blow;


Use standard skill rotation while Recklessness is active, but carefully watch the Rage filling. Use extra Rage on Rampage.

The Usage of DPS Cooldowns 

Try using all your Cooldowns frequently. Recklessness should be used on CD and as often, as you can. It is recommended to use Strength potions when your Cooldowns are synchronized (Recklessness, and Bloodlust/Heroism). Try to clock your clickable trinkets with your Cooldowns.

Finishing Phase (<20%)

Siegebreaker (on CD);

Rampage (when it is available);



Raging Blow.

Bloodthirst is used on CD to keep Enrage active and to generate Rage. It is recommended to use Execute the rest of the time. In case you need an additional amount of Rage, use Raging Blow. Ability rotations while Recklessness remain the same – Bloodthirst and Rampage are used to keep Enrage active.

Multiple targets

If you fight with two or more targets simultaneously, use Whirlwind from the very beginning to have a buff. Try to keep up this buff at 100% while you have additional targets nearby and hold to regular priorities.


The basic priority rating for the characteristics is as follows:

Crit > ~23% Haste > Mastery > Haste > Versatility > Strength

Haste reduces CD and GCD on all your main abilities, increases your auto attack speed. Many of these characteristics increase the Rage generation, which directly enhances the damage dealt while being Enraged.

Mastery increases the bonus to damage inflicted while being Enraged.

Versatility increases the damage, you have dealt and decreases the incoming damage.

Crit multiplies your chances to deal double damage with your skills.

All the characteristics are connected tightly and so their value will change constantly relative to each other.

That’s why it is recommended, once you receive new equipment, you use Simcraft or Raidbots.com. There is no way to get a more precise answer to which stat to focus on first but through a simulation.

Based on the aforementioned characteristics and results of your character’s own simulation results, you can draw conclusions on Gems, Chants, and Raid Chemicals.

  • Gems
  •  Chants
  • Sharpening Stones, Oils, and Armor Kits
  • Cooking
  • Flasks and Potions

BiS Gear & Trinkets

Fury Warrior 9.0.5 Guide



  • Charge over the target and on mouse click

#showtooltip Charge

/cast [@mouseover, harm, nodead][harm,nodead] Charge

  • Pummel with an additional modificator [shift, alt, ctrl] will interrupt focus cast; if there isn’t any – interrupts the current target instead.

#showtooltip Pummel

/cast [mod:shift,@focus] Pummel

#showtooltip Heroic Leap

/cast [@cursor] Heroic Leap


Bartender4 – panel addon with great customization

Chatter – chat customization addon

Deja Character stats – even more info on your character

Sexy map – makes your minimap sexy!

Shadowed unit frames – ElvUI alternative, unit frames only

WeakAuras – possibly the most important in modern WoW. You can tune almost anything with it, and at wago.io you can find hundreds of useful auras and import them within a few clicks. You also can find a special aura pack for your spec, here’s a link on Fury auras.

BigWigs/Deadly Boss Mods – timing and warning addons for the raid and m+ bosses, pick one of them. It’s also very useful for PvE in general. If you want instance warnings for your BigWigs addon – get a LittleWigs addon. 

ElvUI – a global “all-in-one” addon, makes your interface very neat. Replaces dozens of addons at once. You can also find a lot of profiles for it on wago.io.
Details! Damage Meter – the most modern and popular DPS meter atm.

Plater Nameplates – addon comes from Details author, it changes enemies nameplates. It is fully customizable with a lot of features and profile import from wago.io – what else do you want?

Pawn – helps you on improving your gear. Requires Simcraft string for usage.

SimulationCraft – Makes your character simulation easier by creating an in-game Simcraft string for import to Raidbots or SimCraft.

Exorsus Raid Tools – raiding addon with tons of useful features.

Move Anything – this addon resizes and moves any part of the user interface.
World Quest List – Organizes your world quests to the left of your map and sorts them by zones.

PRO Tips:

Here’s the list of abilities that you can reflect in Castle Nathria:

This guide ends here. We hope that we have answered all of your questions and the only thing left for you is to try all of this by yourself. Thank you for reading this! Wish you the best of luck in Azeroth, Champion!

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