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Path of Exile is an incredibly challenging and complex game. Not just a beginner, but also an experienced player has a very difficult time trying to understand which build or class to choose. This is exactly what our team wants to help you figure out in our Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List with current 3.22 Patch meta in mind.

PoE Lightning arrow build
Destroying everything on your way!
Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List
  • Hexblast Mine Saboteur
  • Lightning arrow Deadeye
  • Toxic rain Pathfinder
  • Boneshatter Juggernaut
  • Devouring totem Pathfinder
  • Righteous fire Juggernaut
  • Explosive arrow Ballista Elementalist
  • Corruptive fever Champion
  • Cold DoT Elementalist
  • Detonate Dead Elementalist
  • Cyclone Slayer
  • Venom Gyre Berserker

Even though the gameplay of each build in Path of Exile is individual and not similar to the other, it is still possible to identify the most optimal builds for any stage of the game. And if you a looking forward for the end game content, you can buy our PoE Trial of the Ancestors league Starter Pack with custom made PoB for your character.


Simply the best. Choose one you like the most and don’t worry about it being hard to level or min-max. And if you’d like to make some specific build we have PoE Custom Build service for you!

Hexblast Mine (Shadow / Saboteur)

Welcome to the league’s easiest 3.22 content closure. Overpowered skill gems makes this build an annihilator. How to do leveling with it? Level 1 to 27 you use Stormblast Mine with the Orb of Storms combo, which will grant a huge damage output on the early stage. After level 28 you just destroy the campaign with Pyroclast Mine, and that’s all! (PoB)

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

Lightning Arrow (Ranger / Deadeye)

One of the most popular builds in 3.21 is coming to 3.22! Whenever you shoot an enemy with the arrow, a bolt of lightning strikes this enemy and all enemies around in great AoE. You have to try this if you like bows. (PoB)

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

Toxic Rain (Ranger / Pathfinder)

Speed, sweep, ease of improvement and leveling are all about this build. There’s nothing complicated about leveling, you just have to survive 12 levels to get Toxic Rain. And from there, everything will go as normal. (PoB)

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

Boneshatter (Marauder / Juggernaut)

The most consistent class and the tankiest of the builds presented. If you like to jump into a crowd of mobs and crush them, then this build will suit you best. In PoB all stages of the game are described. First use Splitting Steel and then Spectral Helix. And after finishing the first Labyrinth, take Boneshatter. (PoB)

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

Devouring Totem (Ranger / Pathfinder)

One of the strongest boss killers in the game. This build makes use of a specific crucible mod to get totems to explode on death, making it very simple to delete bosses even on Uber difficulty. (PoB)

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

Righteous Fire (Marauder / Juggernaut)

Great AoE damage and lots of HP will make you love this build. Just scale Life, ES and fire res, so the Righteous fire could do everything for you. (PoB)

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List


These builds are good, but there are few moments during the leveling and mapping that make them quite more expensive and tough in comparison with S-tier.

Explosive Arrow Ballista (Witch / Elementalist)

For our convenience we primarily use the Holy Flame Totem and Flame Wall to level until 32. This is because 32 is the correct time to complete the Normal Labyrinth. Upon getting Shaper of Flames, switching over to using Explosive Arrow will be much easier. (PoB)

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

Corruptive Fever (Duelist / Champion)

Like a Righteous fire, this skill gem will cost life instead of the mana. But it creates a buff on you which creates debuff Corrupting blood on the nearby enemies which damages them over time. Very confident skill if you like bleedings. (PoB)

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

Vortex Cold DoT (Witch / Elementalist)

While this build fills your skill bar with abilities to use, it is more than worth it with how much damage and survivability you obtain because of that. A build which clears and deals all of its damage with only Vortex on the left mouse button. This build primarily uses Freezing Pulse and Frost Bomb from Level 2 until Level 16. It then swaps over to using Cold Snap and Creeping Frost, which will be completed by using Vortex on your Left Click at 28. (PoB)

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

Detonate Dead (Witch / Elementalist)

Explosions! But apart from them there are some defenses and lots of DPS (especially in single target). Fire damage just doesn’t leave anyone alive. (PoB)

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List


These builds fit you only if you’ve played with something from above (or just didn’t like it), but they are not in meta, so it will take a lot of time to level-up with them and then min-max.

Cyclone (Duelist / Slayer)

One of the “pillars” of the Path of Exile. Everyone who likes melee builds absolutely loves Cyclone. It’s the only melee skill that allows you to move during cast, so you are less vulnerable to any attacks. But it’s very hard to level-up and set up the gear in 3.22.

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

Venom Gyre (Marauder / Berserker)

If you like bleeding or poisonous builds, you’ll like it. Stacking Strength is a very important thing about this build. This Attribute provides a lot of flat Damage via The Iron Fortress which increases melee physical damage per every 10 Strength character has. Unfortunately this build is quite expensive and you can expect lots of deaths during leveling.

Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

PoE best builds tier list for beginners

If you are a beginner in Path of Exile, you should check out these builds. There is a small description of each build, but you can learn more in our PoE League Starter Builds guide.

TierMain skill gemClass / AscendancyDescription
SRighteous fireMarauder / JuggernautGreat passive AoE damage and lots of HP – run and set everything on fire.
SBoneshatterMarauder / JuggernautSolid HP and solid melee damage. Crush your opponents into mush.
AExplosive arrowWitch / ElementalistVery good range DPS with great defenses. One of the best maps cleaner.
BAncestral ProtectorRanger / PathfinderToo expensive and complex, but interesting if you like exotic ways of playing
PoE League Starter Builds Services
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Path of Exile Best Builds Tier List

Here is all the information that you will need when starting a new league, and in the middle of the league this information will be relevant. Hope this guide was useful to you, and Overgear is always is ready to give you hand with any aspect of the game!

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