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Lightning Arrow Deadeye build has its own interesting gameplay and is very beginners friendly. In this guide we will tell you about Lightning Arrow Deadeye Playstyle, Mechanics, Ascendancy, Passive Tree, Gear Progression, and how to progress through the game with this character. Have fun!

PoE Lightning arrow build
Get a ready-to-play character! Destroy everything on the map!
Path of Exile Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build

Lightning Arrow Deadeye Pros and Cons


  • Good league starter – have no issues in leveling and white maps
  • Nearly the best map clearer – with acceptable gear easily deals with red maps
  • Fast and interesting gameplay – lots of movespeed and positioning make this build really fun
  • Many gear options in early game – build has no items you must have at early stages


  • Quite hard to deal with uber bosses – lacking of solo target damage make these encounters really struggling
  • Cannot take too much damage – can be easily one-shotted 
  • Map affixes can be hard to deal with – some maps with reflection or spell suppression should be fully avoided

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Lightning Arrow Deadeye Playstyle and Mechanics

There are some key mechanics in this build you should know.


The most valuable stat for your character. Your character must have 100% accuracy that lets all of your attacks hit the target. You get accuracy in the Passive Tree and Precision aura. Also Precision can be acquired by Hyrri’s Truth with bonus 50% mana reservation efficiency.

Precise Technique

Precise Technique is very good early and mid-game keystone passive skill. You can use it till you find a decent bow with high elemental damage and high critical strike stats. As you can see this node gives you 40% damage when your accuracy is higher than your maximum health. You lose ability to deal bonus damage with critical strikes but you can skip this stat in favor of others, such as accuracy, resistances, etc.

Critical Strikes

Critical strikes become a great and valuable stat with some investments. You need to slightly rebuild your items, bow generally, and Passive Tree. As we mentioned before, Precise Technique blocks this option, that’s why it should be unlearned. Inspiration support, Increased Critical Strike Support, Diamond Flask, and Power Charges will help you get maximum critical strikes chance.

Projectile Speed

Projectile speed is the key and essential stat for our build. It allows our arrows to chain through enemies and hit them even off the screen. Bow mastery in the Passive Tree will scale our damage from Projectile speed also.

Spell Suppression

Lightning Arrow Deadeye lacks life that’s Spell Suppression becomes our first layer of the defense. Thanks to Passive Tree we can easily achieve Spell suppression cap with only 1-2 items. Some maps in late game will lower your Spell suppression, in that case you should have at least 130% of this stat (max roll on maps is -30%). Ancestral Vision is the great option to give you ailment avoidance from your Spell Suppression.


Evasion is your second defense layer. It prevents enemies from hitting you with physical damage from direct attacks. It can be boosted by Jade Flask, Grace, and your gear. Don’t underestimate this option.

Life and Mana Leech

Life and mana leech is the great source of recovery. You should keep manacost of your skills low but not 0, because you can lose benefits from Inspiration support. Don’t worry about mana, till you are hitting your enemies you won’t run out of mana. Same for your health as long as you have enemies alive you’re completely immortal.

Leveling with Lightning Arrow Deadeye

There are some leveling tips if you have time to level up your character. If you don’t want to level your character you always can use our PoE Power leveling busting service as well as completing starting gear for your Lightning Arrow Deadeye.

  • Tabula Rasa allows you to forget about linking. Very useful leveling item
  • Always upgrade your bow base and check elemental damage on it
  • If you take Precise Technique early, always check your life and accuracy stats for bonus damage.
  • Use Grace as early as possible. It gives you a lot of survivability.
  • Take Gathering Winds after completing Normal Labyrinth. With Blood Rage you will stack Tailwind faster.
  • Take Far Shot after completing Cruel Labyrinth.
  • Take Endless Munitions after completing Merciless Labyrinth. It gives you two additional projectiles.

Start with Caustic Arrow until level 12. Burning Arrow and Sniper’s Mark will help you deal with Rares and Bosses. On level 12 swap to Lightning Arrow. For solo targets you can pair another Lightning Arrow with Ballista Totem Support. From level 28 Artillery Ballista swaps out second Lightning Arrow for solo targets. Vaal Lightning Arrow is the great option to boost your solo target dps. You can use other auras and buffs that boost your damage and survivability. Choose whatever you want but take in mind mana reservation for auras and stat requirements. 


Kill all bandits in act 2 for bonus two passive skill points.


  • Killing Brine King in the end of Act 6 will give you Soul of the Brine King. Great choice for stun avoidance and freeze immunity with the upgrades.
  • Killing Ralakesh in act 7 will give you the Soul of Ralakesh. It gives you the option to avoid bleeding damage boost in early stages.
  • Killing Abberath in act 6 will give you the Soul of Abberath. Immune to Burning Ground is also a good choice in later stages.

Actually you can choose any suitable minor god in Pantheon. It doesn’t affect our build, only helps you survive.


There are some modifiers you should avoid:

  • Players have #% reduced effect of Non-Curse Auras from Skills
  • Monsters reflect #% of Elemental Damage
  • Players have #% less Accuracy Rating

Lightning Arrow Deadeye POB

In the pob link you can see Passive Tree, Ascendancy, Cluster Jewels, Item Examples, and Gem Setups. All of this will be explained below.


Path of Exile Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build

Gathering Winds increase your Action Speed. Action speed increases your character’s performance such as attack speed, movespeed, etc. 

Far Shot increases your damage based on how far the projectile travels.

Endless Munitions increases the number of your projectiles by two.

Focal Point increases your mark’s effect and transfers mark from dead target to another living target.

Passive Tree

In Passive Tree we focus on Bow Masteries, Mana Reservation Efficiency, Projectile Speed, Spell Suppression. Also, in Passive Tree you can see new Tattoos placement. You should decide what you need from tattoos yourselves, this is just an example.

Cluster Jewels

Path of Exile Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build

As was told before, it gives you ailment avoidance which is greatly affects your survivability.

Path of Exile Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build

Path of Exile Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build

Akoya Lethal Pride should be taken only with Kaom’s Spirit. If you don’t want to use this Cluster Jewel you can look for a replacement in PoB.

Path of Exile Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build

Improves effects of your tattoos in range of Passive Tree. 

Gear Progression


Thicket Bow base for elemental damage without crits. Spine Bow and Assassin Bow for crit. Look for this stats on it:


  • Adds (165–225) to (335–390) Fire Damage
  • Adds (149–204) to (300–348) Cold Damage
  • Adds (28–38) to (549–638) Lightning Damage


  • Bow Attacks fire 1-2 additional Arrows
  • (30–38)% increased Critical Strike Chance
  • (28–32)% increased Critical Strike Chance, +(25–28) to Strength and Intelligence (veiled)
  • (17-19)% increased Attack Speed


Feathered Arrow Quiver is the greatest base for us. We hope you don’t forget that projectile speed gives us more flat damage. So what are we looking for? First of all, “Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow” mod. Then something from this list:

  • #% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Bows
  • #% increased Projectile Speed
  • #% increased Attack Speed
  • # to Accuracy Rating
  • # to maximum Life
  • Adds # to # Fire/Lightning/Cold Damage to Attacks
  • #% increased Damage with Bow Skills
  • 14% increased Global Critical Strike Chance, 5% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Critical Strike

Voll’s Vision

Path of Exile Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build

Voll’s Vision is our one and only choice in this slot. Provides a ton of life, life regeneration, and some resistances. Don’t mess with its unique passive. NO CORRUPTED ITEMS! Gems do not count. Cheap and solid helmet. Don’t care about quantity and color of gem slots. You can easily change them in a crafting bench. You can roll Berserk Effect with Labyrinth Enhancement.

Hyrri’s Truth

Path of Exile Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build

Hyrri’s Truth is our great and cheap option here. Gives us free Precision, Critical Strike Multiplier. What else do you need? Another cheap and solid item. You can anoint Alacrity on it.

Body Armour

Getting a decent 6-link early on will be hard, but Tabula Rasa can help you for early mapping. It has no synergy with our helmet, but you can swap the helmet for something else, till you find decent 6-link armor for our next replacement. For the start, on rare armor we are looking for health, evasion, resistances. When you farm enough currency for Hyrri’s Ire, or maybe you’ll get a lucky drop, you should swap your rare armor. And don`t forget, no corrupted items.


Kaom’s Spirit is our final choice in this slot. If you have enough currency, you should buy them. It provides our Berserk better uptime. Before you get unique gloves you can use rare gloves with elemental damage, life, and resistances.


There are no valuable unique endgame boots. That’s why we are looking for rare boots with life and movement speed prefixes, and resistances, life regeneration, and life regeneration rate suffixes. Eldritch implicits you are interested in:

  • 25+% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments
  • 4% increased Action Speed

Labyrinth Enhancements:

  • Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven’t Killed Recently
  • 80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you’ve Killed Recently
  • 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you’ve Killed Recently


Rare rings you should look with:

  • Regenerate # Life per second
  • +# to Maximum Life
  • % increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
  • % to Fire Resistance
  • % to Cold Resistance
  • % to Lightning Resistance
  • % to Chaos Resistance
  • % to all Elemental Resistances
  • # to Strength/Intelligence

It can be pretty expensive to find a decent ring that’s why you can identify all Amethyst Rings you found. Maybe you get something good. Also, there is an option to craft amethyst ring with Essences. 


Stygian Vyse is the best rare belt you could get. If you have no currency, you can use any rare belt with following stats:

  • +# to Maximum Life
  • % increased Maximum Life
  • % increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
  • Adds # to # Fire/Cold/Lightning Damage
  • Regenerate # Life per second
  • % to Fire Resistance
  • % to Cold Resistance
  • % to Lightning Resistance
  • % to Chaos Resistance
  • % to all Elemental Resistances
  • # to Intelligence

For Searching Eye Jewel we are interested in:

  • + to maximum Life
  • Adds # Fire/Cold/Lightning Damage to Attacks
  • Adds # Fire/Cold/Lightning Damage to Bow Attacks
  • % to Critical Strike Multiplier if you’ve Killed Recently
  • Damage Penetrates 2% Elemental Resistances if you haven’t Killed Recently
  • % increased Attack Speed if you’ve dealt a Critical Strike Recently
  • % increased Attack Speed
  • Regenerate % of Life per second while moving
  • Regenerate # Life per second
  • % chance to gain Phasing for 4 seconds on Kill
  • % to Resistances


We are going to use this setup of flasks:

All flasks should be enchanted with a crafting bench for “Used when Charges Reach Full”. Then you should craft on them with Orb of Alteration one of the following:


  • +(32–35) to Maximum Charges
  • (31–35)% chance to gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike
  • Gain 3 Charges when you are Hit by an Enemy
  • (36–40)% increased Duration
  • 23% reduced Duration, 25% increased effect


  • % increased Movement Speed during Flask effect
  • % increased Evasion during Flask effect
  • % increased Critical Strike Chance during Flask Effect

Gem Setup

Lightning Arrow Setup

  • Lightning Arrow – your main skill. Shoots projectiles that deal damage. 
  • Elemental Damage with Attacks Support – great boost for your elemental damage with attacks. On max level gem gives you immunity to elemental reflection.
  • Inspiration Support – reduces mana cost of the skill granting charges, which improves critical strike chance and elemental damage of linked skills. Divergent and Anomalous versions of the gem change its quality stats, choose whatever you need if you’re looking for an upgrade.
  • Trinity Support – increases your elemental damage and penetration. You don’t need other versions because it will change its quality stat.
  • Returning Projectiles Support – causes your projectiles to return and pierce targets on their way back. Anomalous version can be a good upgrade because it changes the quality stat of the gem to “Projectiles from Supported Skills have 1% chance to Return to you an additional Time”.
  • Mirage Archer Support – summon a minion that will cast your linked skill for a short duration. Anomalous version allows ghost archer to cast a skill with all linked support gems.

Artillery Ballista

  • Artillery Ballista – summons a ballista totem which fires rain of arrows. Scales with your bow damage. Divergent version allows your ballista to fire additional arrows.
  • Increased Critical Damage Support – increases damage you deal with critical strikes. Anomalous version is an option, but it changes quality from modifier to critical strike chance, so it’s just a waste of inventions.
  • Elemental Damage with Attacks Support – great boost for your elemental damage with attacks. On max level gem gives you immunity to elemental reflection.
  • Inspiration Support – reduces mana cost of the skill granting charges, which improves critical strike chance and elemental damage of linked skills. Divergent and Anomalous versions of the gem change its quality stats, choose whatever you need if you’re looking for an upgrade.
  • Elemental Focus Support – multiplies your elemental damage, but you lose ability to apply ailments. We don’t use any ailments in this build, so it’s good for us.
  • Focused Ballista Support – gives you an option to control the totem. They will fire where you are firing. 



  • Anger – adds your attacks lots of fire damage.
    • Haste – gives more physical damage instead, with attack speed and movement speed. Vaal Haste can be used aside if you have a free gem slot without being activated as aura. 
  • Grace – grants lots of evasion.
  • Precision – gives you lots of accuracy and critical strike chance. Hyrri’s Truth grants it for free. 

Sniper’s Mark

Defense Trigger Setup

  • Cast when Damage Taken Support – triggers linked spell when you take enough damage. Lesser levels of the gems require less damage to activate skill gems and also activate lesser skill gems. Ex.: Lv1 CwDT can only trigger gems 38 lvl and below. That’s why you should keep your CwDT and linked spell on correct levels.
  • Immortal Call – gives you a buff that reduces damage you take for a short period of time.


  • Berserk – consumes rage and gives you attack damage, attack speed, and movement speed.
  • Flame Dash – movement spell you should use from the start.
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Path of Exile Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build

That’s all. Now you’re ready to destroy all content you can find. We hope you will enjoy this build and have fun playing this one. In this guide we tried to tell all we know about Lightning Arrow Deadeye build. If you have some problems Overgear is always ready to help, just use our Path of Exile Builds service. Liked this guide? We will be very glad, if you read our other build guides. Thank you for reading. Wish you all the best!

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