Chaos Orbs

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Why do you need Chaos orbs in the Path of Exile?

If you are familiar with the Path of Exile currency system, you should know, that Chaos orbs are currency, which is useful in trades between players and in crafting. You can re-roll the random modifiers on rare equipment using Chaos orb. Because modifiers are random, sometimes it becomes hard to get the modifiers you need. Players often start “Chaosspamming”, which is spamming Chaos orbs on their gear hoping that they will get at least one useful modifier. The Path of Exile economy is very complicated, and if Exalted orbs are the kind of “gold standard”, Chaos orbs are “silver standard”, which is used in the trading of mid-tier equipment. In the Path of Exile, there is an item, related to Chaos orbs. It called a Valuable Combination, which allows you to get one more Chaos orb from vendors when you trade items that would result in a Chaos orb. How to get Chaos orbs?

Chaos orb can be looted from mobs, chests, destructible containers, and from Arcanist’s strongboxes. Chaos orbs rarity is uncommon. There is also one way to obtain Chaos orbs in Path of Exile using vendor “full rare set” recipes. To complete this recipe, you need to trade:

    •  Weapon (It could be one two-handed weapon/one one-handed weapon with one shield/ two one-handed weapons/two shields);
    • One Helmet;
    • One Body Armor;
    • One Glove;
    • One Boot;
    • One Belt;
    • One Amulet;
    • Two Rings.

As a result, you get a fixed amount of Chaos orbs, which depends on the item-level of all gear parts you added to complete the recipe. You can obtain one Chaos orb if lowest item-level starts from 60 up to 74; two Chaos orbs if lowest item-level starts from 60 up to 74 and all items are unidentified or have 20 percent quality; three Chaos orbs if lowest item-level starts from 60 up to 74 and all items are unidentified AND have 20 percent quality. The last way to guarantee collect currency as Chaos orbs is by combining shards and fragments, which listed below:

    • 20 Chaos Shards can be combined into one Chaos orb;
    • 8 parts of the Rain of Chaos can be combined into one chaos orb;
    • 7 parts of the Three Faces in the Dark can be combined into three chaos orbs;
    • 1 Chaotic Disposition can be exchanged for five Chaos orbs;
    • 8 parts of The Wrath can be combined into ten Chaos orbs;
    • 5 parts of the Emperor’s Luck can be combined into 5 random currency (including Chaos orbs).

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Chaos Orbs