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PoE Chaos Orbs

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Order any amount of Chaos Orbs in the Forbidden Sanctum League and trade them for the gear you want! Chaos Orb is one of the cornerstones of Path of Exile. It's one of the main currencies and also the most popular one. In any period of a League, Chaos Orb saves its value and affords you to make your gear much more powerful. You can Preorder this service for the The Forbidden Sanctum league.

Chaos Orbs are useful in crafting, as they reroll all modifiers or the number of modifiers on a rare item. This way of creating new gear is called 'Chaos spamming'. This makes for unpredictable results, so getting a specific modifier is not easy. You'll need tons of these orbs. Grinding these orbs can take you many hours.

Don't waste your time on a boring grind. Save your time and get our Chaos Orbs farming services!


  • The desired amount of Chaos Orbs.
  • Character in the chosen league;
  • Any Rare item for trade.
  • Place an order;
  • We will contact you via our live chat or by sending an email;
  • All the details will be discussed beforehand and the start time will be set according to your schedule;
  • You’ll get a group invitation in the game. Accept it and go to your hideout. Accept trade request from our courier;

IMPORTANT: Place any RARE item for trade. Mind you it should NOT be UNIQUE, MAGIC, or any other type apart from RARE;

  • Do not write anything besides greetings in-game chat. Especially anything that indicates the purchase;
  • Both those conditions are crucial for the protection of your account;
  • Enjoy the result! And don’t forget to rate our services on Overgear and Trustpilot.

If you still have some questions or want some unusual options — feel free to text us! Even at 3:00 AM :) We're 24/7 online!


Desirable amount of Orbs
24/7 support service
5 stars on Trustpilot

Path of Exile Chaos Orbs FAQ

Why do you need Chaos orbs in the Path of Exile?

Chaos orb is currency, which is useful in trades between players and crafting. You can re-roll modifiers on rare equipment using Chaos orb. Because modifiers are random, sometimes it becomes hard to get the modifiers you need. Players often start to “chaos spam” — using Chaos orbs on their gear hoping for luck.

How do you get Chaos orb from vendor PoE?

Chaos orb can be looted by farming mobs, chests, destructible containers. Another way to obtain Chaos orbs in Path of Exile using vendor “full rare set” recipes. To complete this recipe, you need a full set of gear for sale. The range of items ilvl should be from 60 up to 74. As a result, you get a fixed amount of Chaos orbs PoE, which depends on the item level of all gear parts you added to complete the recipe. You can obtain one Chaos orb for the basic set; two Chaos orbs if all items are unidentified or have 20 percent quality; three Chaos orbs if all items are unidentified AND have 20 percent quality.

Where can I buy Chaos Orbs PoE?

The easiest way to obtain as many Chaos orbs as you want is to buy cheap PoE chaos on Overgear! Our stock has lots of PoE Chaos orbs for sale from professional traders. PoE trading system allows you to trade any item. You can be assured that you won’t get banned. You should tell us if there are any special wishes related to Chaos orbs delivery. You can choose any platform you prefer (PC or PS4) and any game mode.

How much is a Chaos Orb worth PoE?

The Path of Exile economy is very complicated, and if Divine orbs are the kind of “gold standard”, Chaos orbs are “silver standard”, which is used in the trading of mid-tier equipment. Usually, the price for 1 Exalt starts from 100 chaoses. It is easy to buy cheap PoE currency on Overgear and enjoy your game!

What is the easiest way to get Chaos Orbs?

You are in the right place! Overgear offers the cheapest Path of Exile Chaos Orbs on market. You always can order any amount of currency for every league.

Where do you get Chaos Orbs?

There is just one main method to get chaos orbs - you have to farm a lot. It could be different areas, Delve, Heist, etc., but you should spend a lot of time to get some Chaos orbs. The other way is very fast and simple. You can just message us and buy any amount of Chaoses you need! You will be very excited when seeing our Chaos Orb price

Are Chaos Orbs rare?

The drop rate of Chaos Orb is around 1.652%, which is pretty low. The other side is that you need A LOT OF Chaos Orbs, not a few. Especially if you want to use the Chaos spam method of crafting!

Chaos Orbs
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