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      About our PoE Items services

      Some info about what Path of Exile items are

      The path of exile gear and item system is one of the most exciting systems in all MMO games. It’s not only about what the character wears, but also what the character can consume/charm/etc. Different PoE items take a various amounts of free space in your backpack (it seems to be logical, though). We can divide all items into a few groups based on their rarity/quality/item affixes/item level. Here are these groups:

      • Character equipment - a group of items that includes a variety of armor, weapons, accessories, jewels, bows, helmets, rings, belts, boots, gloves, and quivers. Except for taking place in different slots of inventory, we can also see the difference in item name color. It depends on their rarity and can be white, blue, yellow, or brown.
      • Currency. That type of item is usually used for trading with players or vendors. You can use it to charm other items as well. When you use Path of Exile currency items to upgrade your gear, they will be consumed. 
      • Quest items, which are necessary for your active quest. It can’t be moved out of stash, destroyed, dropped, or traded. The only way to remove them is to complete a quest. In PoE, you can receive quest items from NPCs, loot them from monsters or find them in a dungeon.
      • Prophecies - visions of a character's future. It can change areas to generate different encounters or force various outcomes to occur. First, you must buy them from Navali (which costs Silver Coin), which are non-tradable. But there is also the possibility to pay one more Silver Coin, and prophecies become tradable. The amount of all prophecies in the Path of Exile is 230.
      • Gems. One of the most essential PoE items type in the Path of Exile is because they give you different skills when you put it in a gear socket. They are tradeable and treated like regular items in the game. You can distinguish gems from other items in your loot by the color - gems have blue-green color.
      • Flasks - consumable items used to recover your health/mana or grant temporary bonuses to your character for an estimated time.
      • Divination cards - collectible items that can be exchanged for different rewards. In the Path of Exile, there are many varying divination cards, which you can change for other items (each card type can be exchanged for the exact type of reward). Divination cards can be collected from monsters or loot containers. A full stack of that cards is better to trade to Tasuni or Navali in exchange for the item referenced on the card.
      • Map fragments - items that can be used with a map device to open portals to various high-level areas. Map fragments can be used to increase a dungeon level if you put them alongside a map. There are several different fragment types in the Path of Exile (Vaal fragments, Advanced Vaal fragments, Prophecy fragments, Shaper fragments, Elder fragments, Uber Elder fragments, Divine Vessel, and Scarabs). Each fragment can be dropped in a different place and have different effects.
      • Maps are one of the most important items in the Path of Exile, allowing you to access endgame content. It is very simple to use it - just put the map into the map device and it will open portals to the dungeons. Maps can be upgraded by selling three of them to the vendor and receiving one map with a higher tier. There are sixteen tiers of PoE maps.

      What is item rarity and how can we divide all items?

      The Path of Exile uses the most appropriate way to define items - they are divided by their rarity. There are several types of a rarity in the PoE:

      • Normal items. Also known as the base, these are items without modifiers added by affixes. There is a possibility to upgrade the base item to magic by using Orb of Transmutation, or a rare using orb of Alchemy. Also, you can upgrade a normal item into a random rarity using Orb of Chance. Colored white.
      • Magic PoE items have the same base statistics as base items, but modifiers are given by affixes, up to the prefix and one suffix. Modifiers depend on the item level and base type. Affixes given to magic items can be rerolled with Orb of Alteration. As normal items, a magic item can be upgraded to a rare item using a Regal Orb. Colored blue.
      • Rare items - are the most common type of items in the Path of Exile. They have up to 6 affixes - 3 prefixes and three suffixes. If you loot rare items or make it using Orb of Chance/Orb of Alchemy, that item will have at least four affixes, but you can upgrade it and gain six affixes using Exalted Orb. Their names are completely random.
      • Unique items - top-tier gear and rarest items in the PoE. Some of them are pretty much expensive but offer special abilities or specific attributes to the player. Only Corrupted, Legacy, and League-Restricted items have high costs. If you want to use unique items, you must create a non-common build because of the abilities gained by those items. Also, some rare items are better for wearing than unique. Buy path of exile gear in Overgear!

      What is the item modifier?

      Modifiers change various aspects of the entity they are affecting. Most commonly, modifiers apply stats, however, they can also apply buffs or grant skills and can often be found on items, monsters, or areas. There are three types of modifiers:

      • Implicit modifiers, which granted to an item after they are dropped. On items, visible implicit modifiers are most commonly found on rings, amulets, belts, quivers, weapons, shields, and specific body armor. 
      • Explicit modifiers are generally dynamically generated by changing the rarity of the entity or by other modifications. The number of affixes given by rarity depends on the rarity class. It starts from one for magic items and goes up to six for rare and unique items.
      • Enchantments are similar to Implicit modifiers but they depend on a player’s purpose. You can enchant any item in the game and it doesn’t depend on its rarity. But if you want to enchant items that have been already enchanted, you will change its modifier. 

      What do we offer?

      There are lots of PoE items with different rarity on sale from professional traders. You can't buy gear in path of exile officialy It is simple to contact one of our reliable sellers and choose the realm you playing at - you just leave a request and wait for a little. PoE trading system allows you to trade any item (except for Quest items, as mentioned earlier). You can be assured that you won’t get banned or restricted from trading because of the security measures that we take. After all preparation, you meet the trader in the game and we will check if you get the items you bought on our platform. You should tell us if there are any special wishes related to item delivery. Keep in mind, that for Path of Exile buy gear only here. Also, buying an item with real money is the easiest way to get it. You can choose any platform you prefer (PC, Xbox One, or PS4) and any game mode. For PoE buy gear here!

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