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    PoE Headhunter

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    Headhunter is the best-in-slot belt for clearing Maps, Heists, Blighted maps, Harbinger encounters, and Delirium encounters. Upon killing a rare monster, the player gains all of its monster modifiers for the next 20 seconds. You also gain the mods if a Minion, Trap, Mine, or Totem kills a rare monster.

    This belt is extremely rare. There are tons of ways to obtain it, but there is no easy way. Every possible drop or Ancient orb upgrade has such a low success chance of turning your unique belt into a Headhunter that you will waste hundreds of orbs on average. You may use Divination Cards, which have a very low chance of dropping, to get a Headhunter. That's why we provide our Headhunter obtaining services. Save yourself tons of potentially wasted time.

    You can pre-order a Headhunter before the start of League on Overgear to ensure that you will be the first to get this priceless item.


    • Headhunter;
    • Increase the farming speed;
    • An excellent boost for almost all builds.
    • 40 lvl character for you to equip it.
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    Best-in-Slot belt
    24/7 Online Support
    5 stars on Trustpilot

    PoE Headhunter FAQ

    How rare is a Headhunter Poe?

    You need to keep in mind, that this item is considered one of the rarest in the game. you may use on average 430 Ancient orbs on a unique leather belt to get a Headhunter belt. To obtain this many Ancient orbs can be a real challenge. As with most rare items, you'll have to spend an unfathomable amount of your free time. And yes, this belt is worth all of your time. But if you don't have this much time to waste on this endless grind, then we suggest you get our PoE Headhunter boosting services now! We'll save you not only your free time, but we'll also save tons of your nerves. Because endless failing in this grind can be damaging to your health as well.

    How do you get a Headhunter Poe?

    There are tons of various ways of how exactly you can get this belt. And none of them are simple. There is a shortlist:

    • You can run certain maps, which have a chance of dropping this belt. Some Legion Rares can drop league-specific items, though these monsters are uncommon and the chance of Headhunter is so low, that you may ask yourself if this is even possible.
    • The Time-Relic incubators (incubating a very valuable Unique item) can also provide Headhunter.
    • Shaper Strongholds can drop Headhunter from the final boss, as they can allow league-specific drops.
    • Cameria on Transportation in the Immortal Syndicate drops a Time-Worn Relic item, which has the low possibility of being a Headhunter.

    As you may see, this item has such a low chance of dropping anywhere. You can't just skip all of this grind. Unless you buy our PoE Headhunter boost. We'll save you so much time obtaining this belt, you'll be amazed. No currency wasted. Just get this belt with us!

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