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    PoE Currency

    Buy PoE currency: obtain Divine, Exalted, Chaos, Ancient and any other Orbs on Overgear! Craft powerful items of your dream or just buy them on the market. Complete your build with our Orbs!

    Every League we add all-new kinds of Orbs of the current patch, so you could be sure to find them on Overgear.

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    About our PoE Currency services

    What is PoE currency?

    The economy in PoE is based on a very interesting mechanic. There is plenty of different Orbs in the game which could be used for different crafting options. But all these Orbs are the currency of the game at the same time! You can use Orb for crafting or just trade it with other players for something you need more. Our currency shop offers all kinds of Orb at the best prices. So buy path of exile currency of any kind right here! Just choose the one you need.

    Can I buy PoE currency?

    Yes, you can! At Overgear you can buy PoE currency for the smallest prices.

    Is buying currency in PoE bannable?

    It's not bannable with our services. We se all possible protections for our trading, so feel free to buy path of exile currency and enjoy your free time.

    Is it safe to buy PoE currency?

    All trade options are in-game mechanic, so the answer is YES - it's absolutely safe to buy any currencies for real money in our shop. To make it even safer, we use VPN and special soft to mimic your hardware. So buy PoE currency right now and skipl the grind.

    Why do you need to buy Path of Exile currency?

    Ways you use currency in the Path of Exile are very various - from default trading to crafting rare PoE items. While playing you can loot currency from mobs. But there is the easiest path to get cheap orbs - buy them from Overgear professional traders! We have all kinds of orbs for sale. The currency system in the PoE is quite complicated, so you should know for sure why do you need, for example, Orb of Regret or Exalted Orb. You also use currency items for crafting. Some of the top-tier Path of Exile currency items are very expensive. Currency types:

    Functional currencyConsumable items that player needs to fulfill the exact purpose (such as reforging rare items with new random modifiers with Chaos Orbs, enchanting rare items with new modifiers with PoE Exalted Orbs, etc).
    Shards and fragmentsThe only way to use these items in the game is to combine them to get full items.


    So why do you need them? It's very simple, currencies allow you to boost your character! Respec your skill points, craft incredible gear or just trade it for equipment you want via trade.

    How do you get Path of Exile currency?

    The Path of Exile is a quite hardcore game, which requires lots of playing hours and farming. Of course, you can spend all your free time farming gear and finally get the best items in the game, but most of the players don’t have so much time. There are three ways how you can obtain currency only by ingame possibilities:

    Loot from monsters
    Trading with NPCs
    Trade with other players


    Let's take a closer look at these points.

    • Loot from monsters. The most common way for every MMO game is also available in the Path of Exile. But there is a problem - monsters have low chances to drop something, so you have to slay a lot of mobs until you get what you are aimed for.
    • Trading with NPCs. It is the best way to obtain currency if you are a beginner. If you facing high-end content, there will be no useful items for you.
    • Trade with other players - let's imagine that you get your Headhunter, but you don't want to use it on your own. The best way here is to sell it and get a lot of Exalted Orb!

    There is the easiest way to collect orbs or other cheap currency items - buy them at the cheapest PoE currency shop on Overgear. PoE developers allow to trade in-game items between the players, so there is no chance of getting banned.

    What do we offer?

    You can easily buy PoE orbs and PoE currency on Overgear from professional traders. Also, buying a mirror with real money is the easiest way to get it. You can choose any platform you prefer (PoE PC currency, or PS4) and any game mode. We aim to provide top-quality service and here is some advantages:

    • we work only with trusted contractors with ID verification;
    • lowest sale price on the market;
    • we have a lot of currency for sale;
    • experienced support manager available online 24/7;
    • fast and protected delivery method.

    You can be sure that you won’t be scammed because our priority is the safety of your time and money. After a deal, you will get a lot of PoE currency and could buy any equipment in the game. Overgear is the best place to buy currency for PoE!